Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Are you guys ready for my Confess tour?! If you didn’t know, usually I read books set in NYC and go out and explore the city after being inspired by the book. I’m exploring the city I love in a whole new way! If I’m honest, after living in NYC for over 10 years, I wasn’t taking advantage of living in this great city.

Instead, this was me: wake up-work-home-tv-bed. Rinse & repeat! I needed to shake up my life and get out of that boring routine. So when I got the idea to do these tours, I felt reinvigorated. Now, I love going on the tours and then blogging about them. The cherry on top of the sundae is making connections with so many awesome people I’ve met through blogging.

Hit the Road!

That’s how it started, but I also thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to take this show on the road?” So I did just that when I brought you all to New Hampshire with me after reading a book set there. If you dare, read Part 1 of my A Little Murder Tour, which will lead you to Part 2.

That brings us to my current tour- my Confess Tour. The book, Confess, written by Colleen Hoover, is a captivating, romantic novel set in Dallas, Texas. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can check out my review here.

Short Recap

Auburn has just moved to Dallas and working as a stylist is not cutting it for her financially. No pun intended. She spies a help wanted sign outside a gallery when Owen Gentry opens the door and enters her life. The chemistry between them is electric, probably doesn’t hurt that Owen is an artist. Something so appealing about artists, amirite? Of course, obstacles get in their way and both have secrets. Will they confess them and overcome all their obstacles? You’ll have to read to find out. Feel free to come on this tour with me even if you haven’t read it. No major spoilers here.

Let’s not forget that this tour isn’t all about me. I was visiting a very good friend of mine, Kerri, who was one of the first friends I made in NYC. Much to my sadness, she moved to Dallas a few years ago, but I forgave her and now we get to go on a Dallas book tour together. Win win!

Let’s go! And p.s. let’s pay attention to how cool Kerri looks every step of the way. I want to be her when I grow up!

A Tour of Dallas, Day 1

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
That’s Kerri in the pic! Her outfit is oh so stylish & cute.

Every tour starts with food in the belly! The minute Kerri mentioned tacos, I asked, “When can we go?”

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Yum, yum, & yum!

Scrumptious and healthy! The top one is shishito pepper, bottom left is brussel sprouts with almonds and a lime crema, and bottom right is the cauliflower one. I seriously felt good all day after eating these! Check out this place on their website at They have something for everyone! The combined flavors in these tacos made them very tasty.

Back to Confess: Auburn must hide out for a bit. She stays at a hotel…look, I’m not saying she went to a luxury hotel, but the book didn’t specify. Could she have spent 200+ per night? Who’s to say really? Also, you probably want to know if Auburn was alone during her hotel stay? I won’t say, but I will say it gets steamy, she did shower after all!

Alas, Kerri and I went to scope out a couple fancy hotels in downtown Dallas. After all, Auburn does live in downtown Dallas. So how far off could we be?

Fancy Schmancy!

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
1321 Commerce Street
Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
I’m imagining sexy Owen Gentry sitting with his arms around me.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

This is not too fancy at all for financially struggling Auburn.

Gorgeous hotel! I’ll put up some more pics in my Instagram stories. Make sure you are following me @literary_dates.

In reality, compared to hotels in NYC and other big cities, rooms for $200-275 per night is not too bad!

We also checked out the nearby Joule Hotel, which is another beauty. If you read my book review or follow me on Instagram, then you saw a picture of Dallas’ sculpture called The Eye. That sits right outside the Joule Hotel.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Taschen Books

This bookshop welcomes you with a glorious, golden mosaic, comfy seating, and all the coffee table books you could want. The woman working here was very friendly and knowledgeable about the shop. For example, she told us that the publisher Taschen started his bookshop as a comic book shop and then it evolved to be what it is today.

We didn’t try it but this shop has afternoon tea on Sundays with champagne and pastries. For more info check out their website at Sounds like a lovely afternoon indeed!

You know what I really loved about this little bookshop?

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

I wasn’t sure if my dogstalker needs would be fulfilled in Dallas, but rest assured, Dallas did not disappoint in the dog department! Phew! Isn’t this little one too adorable? I think he wants to come back to NYC with me.

Oak Cliff: Bishop Arts District

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

I marveled at all the colorful street art that seemed to adorn every alleyway.

We visited a few different neighborhoods in Dallas. All the neighborhoods seemed like fun places to hang out in. They are filled with trendy restaurants, shops, and other entertainment.

Fun(?)fact – Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at Texas Theatre which is in Oak Cliff.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

We spent some time browsing the many shops that lined the street and checked out an artsy store. Because Owen Gentry is an artist, he inspired us to check out some art throughout our Confess Tour. This night kicked off our artsy-themed tour…but first…let’s smell some yummy candles…

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Guaranteed to have some artsy fartsy sh%t


Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Told you! 😉

Cool Vibes

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

This neighborhood has so many great spots like this. I loved the atmosphere. While I was there, it was a bit chilly, but I imagine in nice weather, lots of people must hang out in these spots.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

This place knows how to decorate! From the art murals on the walls to the lights that decorate the trees, I even saw these pretty chandelier, ribbony things dangling from a tree. It definitely has a come hither and stay awhile vibe.

I’d love to see the neighborhood in warmer weather and then see a live show. After the show, hang outside with a cold beer or yummy cocktail. Would be perfect!

But I didn’t need warm weather to enjoy this cutie…

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Meet Max! Oak Cliff, born & raised!

How adorable is he!? Max is 5 months old and the sweetest puppy alive! Definitely find me on Instagram because if you think he’s cute here, you will love him in video form! I’ll include him in an Insta Story highlight.

After playing with Max, we got drinks before meeting up with Kerri & her husband’s friends for dinner.

Drinks and Eats

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

The drinks were good and I thought the bar’s rustic charm and distressed walls made for a cool atmosphere. I got to get a little taste of what people are like in Dallas at this bar. As I was waiting for the women’s restroom, a guy comes out of it, sees me and for about five minutes straight, profusely apologizes for accidentally using the women’s bathroom.

Unbelievably sweet guy (looking at women’s sign & back at me): “OH MY GOD! Oh my god! I am so sorry! SO sorry! This is so embarrassing.”

(Looks at sign again): “Oh my god! I’m sorry. I can’t believe I did that. I apologize. That was so wrong. Oh my god.”

(Looks at sign for the 3rd time): “I can’t believe this. So sorry!”

I provided so much reassurance, then head into the bathroom and still hear him, “Oh my god! I can’t believe I did that. Oh my god!”

Ladies and gentleman…I am absolutely, 1000% not exaggerating here.

Toto, we are not in NYC anymore!

Next stop- Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
407 N Bishop Ave.
The boys enjoyed it!

Kerri and I shared the heirloom spinach pie, which was pretty darn tasty! Gluten-free crust is available here.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
This concludes all our tour stops on this day, but the following day, we got to see a lot more art! I think Owen and Auburn would approve.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Touring Dallas, Day 2

To start our day, we got some coffee and I had some avocado toast at a place called Local Press + Brew. In addition to having good coffee and lite bites, it gave me a good photo op.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

It had a nice outdoor seating area where we could power up to start our day. I also snapped a pic of some cute pups but upon looking at the photo, I can tell the dog owner was giving me the side-eye about that. Side-eye guy is going on the ‘gram!

Thanks-Giving Square

Thanks-Giving Square is the spiritual center of Dallas where people of all cultures and religions are welcomed. We wanted to check out the Chapel of Thanksgiving. To reach it, we walked up a spiral ramp and passed some beautiful skyscrapers that reflected other skyscrapers. The contrast between the tall buildings and tranquil chapel had a calming effect on me. Everything has beauty.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Chapel of Thanksgiving

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Taken from the sign outside the chapel: “The spiraling shape rises 90 feet above street level, suggesting the infinite upward reach of the human spirit.”

What’s especially remarkable about this chapel is the stained glass “Glory Window” on the ceiling inside. Pictures of it are for personal use only so I won’t be posting any. If you find yourself in Dallas, definitely make a stop here. You can take a seat inside and tilt your head up to see the colorful glory window. However, a description posted inside encourages people to lie on the floor to view the window. I had to try that! Soon after I did, it made me smile as others did the same around me. I felt connected to the strangers around me as one by one we were all lying down together to look up. If I lived here, I’d try to go regularly for its meditative effect.

We bid adieu to the chapel to continue on our tour with art in mind.

But first, since Auburn was strained financially, she didn’t have a car and often had to walk down the streets of Dallas in the blazing, hot sun. Since it was February, I didn’t experience the blazing heat of Dallas, but I did get to imagine Auburn walking down those long streets of downtown Dallas.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Crow Museum of Asian Art

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

This turned out to be a good spot after visiting the chapel because this museum has its own meditative quality.

We saw Buddhas, deities, and samurais. Learned about strength, compassion, and enlightenment. The special exhibit was the highlight for me.

Clouds and Chaos: Artist, Jacob Hashimoto

We got to see Hashimoto’s “giant cloud.” It was a spectacular art exhibit to see! From the exhibit’s description: “Hashimoto’s sculpture shows how there is much to be found in both the intricate detail of minute components and the large-scale meanings that can result from their accumulation.”

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Jacob Hashimoto‘s  installations have been displayed in various museums across the world. Have you seen his work?

Nasher Sculpture Center

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Before we head inside, you have to see what kind of enjoyment they have right outside the museum.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Um, yes, there will be video of this in my Instagram Stories!

That “chair” was fun and terrifying! Don’t drink & ride that chair!

Sterling Ruby Sculpture

From the museum’s pamphlet: much of Sterling Ruby’s vibrant art shows what his works of art look like in progress like when pouring urethane as it goes from liquid to solid. “Ruby’s work builds up the form to monumental proportions in multiple layers of material ooze. Spray paint on the urethane, like the multicolored glazes on the ceramics, create sculptures with vibrant, seductive surfaces.”

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
The Cup

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

This museum has a beautiful outdoor garden also with sculptures. It would be a great spot to relax and enjoy an outdoor concert and/or film, which apparently is something they do here!

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

I, of course, tossed a coin in the fountain to make a wish. What do you think I wished for?

Deep Ellum

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Twilite Lounge, 2640 Elm St.

Kerri and I walked past this bar and I got very strong Confess vibrations. Scenes from Confess flashed before my eyes- dimly lit, small “dance floor,” and the real kicker is that the bartender has to be the character Harrison, the owner and bartender of the bar Auburn and Owen go to.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Fair skin, red curly hair! I’ve seriously walked right into the book. Hi Harrison!

Okay, Confess aficionados, four-leaf clovers definitely didn’t decorate this bar, but perhaps Harrison has done a redesign? I should have asked him because that is seriously him working the bar! #facts

The bar scene in Confess is the “omg” moment we fall in love with Auburn and Owen. You have to read it just to get to this scene! I won’t reveal too much but it will make you melt and ooze like a Sterling Ruby urethane sculpture.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

I see scooters! Everywhere we went people were on scooters! It’s like Citi Bike but with scooters. A dollar to start is what is written on the “Lime” electric scooters. I read that they are trying to get into NYC too. In Dallas, they seem to be a big hit because like I said, they were literally everywhere.

Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t go for a ride because I once rode a scooter after a few too many beers and I’ll just say that wasn’t a good combo.

Also, riding on a scooter definitely wouldn’t be a good idea after our next stop…

Tasty Treats!

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Thank you, Kerri, for taking me here! These pies were absolutely delicious! I am sure Owen probably took Auburn out on a date here even though it wasn’t specifically written, but I definitely think it can be implied. He’d be a fool not to take Auburn here and Owen is no fool!

Emporium Pies changes up their selections, but on this day, Kerri had their “Cloud Nine” pie, which is a three layer custard pie with salted caramel, butterscotch custard and brown sugar meringue in a flaky crust. I’m dying thinking about it! Can I go back and have that one too?

Being the ice cream fanatic that I am, I wanted pie that would pair well with it. I got their “Lord of the Pies,” which is a deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel. We ate outside and it was a bit chilly out, but I didn’t care because my pie with vanilla ice cream was heaven! Ah!

Let’s take one last look at Deep Ellum…

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

Such a cute, fun area! Dallas pleasantly surprised me! I want to come back to hang with Kerri again and experience it when it’s a little warmer.

The remainder of this tour will mostly consist of places that I will pretend are the homes of the various characters of Confess.

House Tour (not creepy at all for the owners)!

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Definitely Auburn & her roommate Emory’s apartment complex.

I’m pretty sure this is walking distance from downtown Dallas. It would have to be since Auburn lives in downtown Dallas, so I am sure I got this one right. Totes.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Owen’s father’s house.

Looks like a lawyer could live here, right? This house is up for sale, so I didn’t look creepy snapping a picture of it because I could have just been interested in buying it! That’s my story!

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
Lydia’s home

Lydia figures predominantly in the book and serves as Auburn’s foil. I can’t say too much about her without giving things away, but I will say that she and her son, Trey can go straight to hell for all I care. Trey is another one! Piece of work!

This book is so multilayered like all of Colleen Hoover’s books. If you’ve read Confess, what do you think your Confess tour would look like? Just like how books are up for interpretation, I think they could inspire us all in different ways. Your Confess tour could be completely different than mine, but just as fun!

Now that I think about it, I think we could take a book and use it to inspire us wherever we are. Maybe you can’t go to Dallas, but maybe you’d like to use Owen Gentry as inspiration to head out to see an art exhibit? Or stylist, Auburn, could inspire a fabulous new hairdo?! Or Harrison could inspire you to go to an actual Irish bar unlike yours truly?

The End…

My tour ends here but my stay at Kerri’s isn’t quite over. Everyone has been asking about the secret message candle I posted on Instagram. The story behind that is in the guest room, Kerri has a small box on the nightstand with a sign that reads, “All guests must leave us something fun!” It’s filled with all sorts of cute little knick-knacks. I was up for the challenge and covertly got Kerri something in one of the shops we went to.

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas
The secret message is……jk I’ll reveal it in my Instagram Stories. I know, I’m such an evil jerk!

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Thank you all for reading my post and joining me on my Confess Tour! I appreciate you all! Thank you, Colleen Hoover, for writing awesome books and inspiring my Confess tour.

And of course, thank you to my good friend Kerri for showing me such a fun time and indulging me by coming on a book tour with me. You are such a great friend! ❤️

Confess Tour Featuring Dallas

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  1. OMG loved this post! So many amazing photos as usual! And that dog was the absolute cutest! Loved seeing him in your Instagram stories!

    And HAHAHA that incident in the women’s bathroom! Hilarious!!

    Dallas seems like such a cool city–and OMG the food looks absolutely yummy! You did such a great job weaving in the book with your tour. I need to add “Confess” to my never-ending list of books to read! Well done, Lauren!

    1. You just made my day!!! Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I’m so glad you liked it! It makes me so happy that you picked up on the things that I definitely tried to accomplish with this post. Thank you thank you!!!😍 😍

  2. What a tour! I’ve never been to Dallas and didn’t realize it was like this uber trendy, cool city in Texas.

    Can we talk about how FAB my CFT t-shirt looks on you? Hell yeah! Love it!

    I really love all the editing on your photos. It looks so good and you definitely have a style there that flows throughout. Not sure if that’s intentional but its there and I love it.

    Omg, I want apple pie and tacos! Girl, you are speaking my language!

    Thanks for the fun read and beautiful photos!

    1. You are the best!! Thank you SO much!

      I had no idea about Dallas either. You hear so many great things about Austin and not much about Dallas. I didn’t expect it to be so cute. Perhaps the brutal heat in the summers though make it less appealing.

      I thought you might like that pic of your shirt! 😉 That will definitely go on Instagram & I’ll tag you.

      I’m so glad you like my photos! I’m trying to improve. I wish it didn’t take me so long but at the same time, I enjoy editing.

      That pie and tacos were sooooo good!!! In an earlier draft I wrote how I usually go for beans, cheese, & guacamole in my tacos but still thought these were very tasty even without being my typical taco. 😊

      Thank you for reading and always being such a great support!

  3. Okay! Tacos! Pizza! Fab arts district! Glam hotels! What is not to love about this post? I am excited and surprised every post because you get better and better. But I want to put down Netflix for a month just to pick up all of your reads because your tours make them come to life in such a fab way. Can’t wait to go to Dallas! love ya!

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much for your awesome compliments!! That’s so cool that you think I’m getting better! I have been trying to improve in a few different ways so I’m glad you can notice!

      Haha! Watching anything good on Netflix?

      Thank you so much for all your support! It means a lot!!

  4. “Wake up-work-home-tv-bed” was so me 2 years ago. Replace TV with grad school, and life was pretty monotonous. All work and no play makes Lauren and Christine blahhhh, lol!! I love that your blog stemmed from your desire to get out and see/do more.

    I knew that I was going to love this blog post right away when I saw tacos. Can I just say how delicious those look? Also love the food porn and the subtle jump to what I can only assume was SHOWER porn. LOL!!

    The Adolphus is SO fancy, but I love your caption even better. Maybe you should leave him a note in the cushions…just sayin’. He might come to life…

    I LOVE the bookstore! Did you buy anything? Steal any dogs…ya know… Gosh, that dog is like a baby Lassie.

    That Arts District reminds me so much of Wynwood Walls in Miami. Same street art, local artist, yuppie awesome kind of vibe. Looks so fun! AND MAX!!! What a cutie.

    Gotta love that you are rocking Kathy’s shirt too, and of course, you found delicious pizza, yay!

    Lydia’s home needs to be my home. I love this post. SO MUCH FUN, SO MANY PUNS, AND SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD!!! Plus all the cute animals! The pictures made me feel like I was there. I want to go!

    I’ll try not to post my last name today, hehe.

    1. Yes, that monotony got so old for me. I had a short time period where I started taking acting classes again, which was fun but I didn’t feel inspired to do much with that. I may try that again I don’t know. But blogging has really made me excited about something creative again. I’m so glad I discovered this! And the fact that I was living in this expensive city without really taking advantage of it, was not good. My life before, I could have done anywhere and lived much more cheaply.
      So anyway, I am glad I’m out of the monotony! Glad you are too!

      Haha! Did I really jump from food porn to shower porn!? That’s funny! 😂 I wish I could say I purposely did that for comedic effect but I did not.
      The shower scene (if there was a shower scene) was actually pretty sweet.

      I should have totally left something in the cushions! 😂 You’ll never forget that I told you that. 🤣

      I did not buy anything in the bookstore. I took pics of the books that I would have potentially bought if I had space for them. 🤷🏻‍♀️
      I wish I could have taken little Lassie! I want that dog!

      Oh my god. A yuppy awesome kind of vibe is actually the perfect description. Why didn’t I think of that. Oh the yuppy fun we could have there!

      The shirt does look good, right? It will totally go up on the ‘gram!

      Thank you SO much for reading! Your support means so much and the fact that I could entertain someone as cool as you, is a great compliment! ❤️

  5. This is such a fun idea and I want to read Confess now! I’ve only been to Dallas a few times (mainly to the zoo and then a concert) but I would love to explore the city!
    The tacos looks delicious and Sterling Ruby’s artwork looks wild! The pictures of the dogs are so cute and taking pictures of people’s homes is not creepy at all haha

    Tales of Belle

    1. Hey!! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m glad you liked it! Confess was so good! I definitely recommend it!

      I really enjoyed Dallas. I had a nice time! Lots to explore and fun to hang out there.

      Those tacos were sooo good! I wish I had a spot like that by me. I’ll have to search.

      Haha! I’m glad you don’t think the house pics were creepy.

      Thanks again for checking out my post! I’ll check out your blog too!

  6. I loved reading this!!! I love the idea of reading a book and then going to the place where it’s set, that’s so cool! I am loving all of your pictures also and following along with your journey. The taco’s look mouth watering honestly I may have to have some for dinner now haha. The pizza’s also look amazing, they’re so big! Everywhere you visited looks so pretty, I am loving the street art, I love seeing buildings that have cool street art on them – there’s a few near by where I live and it’s super cool. Great post <3

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you SO much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Makes me happy! I really enjoy doing these tours but it’s also nice to know that people enjoy reading about them.

      Tacos, pizza, street art- can anything beat it? 😉 Oh man I want tacos every night. I hope you have some good ones tonight! I definitely approve of your dinner choice. Haha.
      I’m going to check out your latest blog post too!

  7. I loved reading this! What a great idea to tour places based on a book and find all the hidden treasures within a city that otherwise you might have missed! Those tacos looked amazing, I’d jump on a plane from the UK for those alone!!

    1. Hiii! Thank you so much for checking out my post! So glad you liked it!
      Haha! I’d jump on a plane for tacos too! I’d maybe even jump out of a plane if I was promised tacos on the ground. 😉

      I love doing these tours but it’s even cooler when people enjoy reading about them, so thank you so much!!

    1. This Dallas tour sounds incredible! I’ve never been but have always wanted to go.
      Your pictures all look great. The food looks amazing. Drool.
      And Max is so cute!
      I love the idea of exploring somewhere inspired by a book!

      1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun hanging out there, eating yummy food, and meeting cutie Max! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it!!

  8. Beautiful pictures and such a great write up. Amazing that this was inspired by a book. I have never been to America but it is on my travel list so i hope one day when i do make it there Dallas is one of the places i will be able to

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! Also sorry I missed your comment before, so I apologize for my delayed response. I really appreciate you visiting my blog and I hope you’ll get to come visit the US too sometime soon!

  9. I love your pictures! Just by the visuals I’m sold!! Thanks for such a detailed and fun post! Is it toddler-friendly? (changing tables, easy to navigate with stroller, etc)

    1. Thanks so much! I had a great time in Dallas! Thanks for checking out my post!
      I don’t have kids and either does my friend but she said it’s more toddler friendly than NYC if that means anything to you. 😬 Sorry!

  10. I love reading your book tours and how you weave the storyline through your travels without giving away any spoilers – tricky to do. Your posts are always imbued with such a sense of fun and always succeed in making me hungry! Those pizzas! Those tacos!

    One line jumped out at me in particular – everything has beauty. How right you are to remind us of that! When I consider the difference between that oft debated question – what’s the difference between a tourist and a traveller? – I reckon noticing the beauty in everything around you, including the mundane and everyday is a big part of it.

    You definitely made we want to visit Dallas. All that art and great food? Hell, yeah!

    1. Wow! What a great comment you’ve left me! Thank you so much. I love your thoughts on the difference between a tourist and a traveller. I completely agree!
      I’m so glad you liked my post and that it entertained you. That makes me so happy! Thank you so much for your support!
      P.s. I’m sooo hungry right now! 😉

  11. Now I NEED to get back to Dallas for some more exploring! I haven’t really been for years, just a couple of quick layover visits with my friend who lives in town. Can we talk about how your friend and I basically have the same name +/- one letter?

    This is such a fun tour! Now I need tacos and pie! I also want to visit some of those artsy fartsy exhibits! I’ll tell my friend I’m coming to visit and force her to go with me!

    When I saw the picture of the dog in the bookshop I actually yelled “Puppy!” out loud. I also would have done that in person. Most likely. I will have to give Confess a read so that I can follow all of the references! I am intrigued!

    1. Hey you!! Thanks for checking out my blog! You’re awesome. I’m so glad you liked it. I really enjoyed Dallas. Was pleasantly surprised by it. Haha! I like anyone named Keri/Kerri. Carrie’s with a K are just a little bit cooler I think. 😉 Now watch someone named Carrie will visit this post. Carrie’s are cool too! I was a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw after all.

      Yes! You should definitely visit their museums. Don’t forget to try the crazy chair outside the Nasher Sculpture Museum. It was pretty fun!

      Wasn’t that puppy adorable!! Christine aka the uncorked librarian said she looked like a little Lassie. So true! What a cutie! So funny that you yelled puppy! 😂 Love that! You’re funny! I’m surprised I didn’t yell puppy when I saw her. I just got all quiet and forgot everything around me and just wanted to stare at the cutie. The owner was oblivious to my adoration.

      If you read Confess, let me know what you think! Thanks again for stopping by! 😉

    1. Haha! That’s awesome! Dallas surprised me! Definitely go in good weather though. There’s probably a nice pocket of time of beautiful weather before it gets stifling hot!

  12. What a great post! I have never thought about doing a book tour post, mainly due to the fact that I live in the UK and most o the books I read are American based 🙂 It was great to see the real life location as featured in the book.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for checking it out! I bet you could find one set in the UK. I definitely hope to do a book tour in London one day and maybe another part of the UK? Can’t wait to visit one day!

    1. Those dogs were adorable! I’m not sure which one was cuter, little Lassie or Max! Love dogs! I was so impressed by the food. Was tasty! My little book tours are pretty fun. You should do one too!
      Thanks for checking out my post!

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my post! Glad you liked it! I’m glad it made you feel like you were traveling. I like that term, “armchair traveling.” I do a lot of that too when I read travel blogs.

    1. Thanks for checking out my post! I enjoyed your city! Any places I should have gone? Might be back one day!