A Little Murder by Cindy Davis

A Little Murder Tour- Lake Winnipesaukee and Alton Bay, Part 1

A Little Murder by Cindy Davis

Finally time for my latest tour, but first, check out the new site! What do you think? This post has been delayed because I’ve been trying to figure out this new site, so I apologize for that. If you’re new here, I used to be at Searchingforhumor.blog, but since literary tours are my thing, I felt like my site needed to reflect that more. This blog started as a dating blog as I was “searching for humor” in my NYC dating life to save my sanity. It seems like my blog has saved my sanity because it inspired me to go on solo dates in the city inspired by books set in the city. Hence the new name, Literary Dates.

Thank you to my Twitter friend @Alex_Micati for inspiring a great name! Also, I should mention another Twitter friend, @singleliving4me because chatting with her made me want to read an Audrey Hepburn book. That’s what got me started on my literary dates because after reading 5th Avenue, 5 A.M. by Sam Wasson, I decided to check out Breakfast at Tiffany’s film locations. Who knew Twitter could be so influential? I had no idea. Thank you both!

For the first time ever I’ve taken my literary dates out of the city and into one of my favorite places in the world- Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

I read the awesome book A Little Murder by Cindy Davis, which inspired this tour. If you didn’t read my book review and sneak peek into my tour, check it out here.

I took this tour with my family over the span of two and a half days, so I’ve decided to break up this post into two parts. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride and don’t get lakesick. Yes, folks, I got more jokes just like that one coming! That was just a snippet. You’re in for a treat.

Usually, my tours are peaceful solo dates with myself as I head out to take on NYC as the independent woman that I am. This time I’d be with my family. I love them dearly but can the serenity of my solo dates translate to a book tour with my family? The fact that they are indulging me by coming along on a tour inspired by a book they haven’t read bodes well, I think. It shows how they support me in all my random pursuits. They always have, but I won’t get too mushy.

Tour time!

Let’s get on that boat!

A Little Murder Tour

Anybody believe that I drove that boat? No one!? Why not? I could totally drive that boat!

I did not drive that boat.

The real boat driver aka my brother had a “no pictures” rule, so check out these pics instead…

Lake Winnipesaukee

A Little Murder Tour

It was a windy day which made for a very wild boat ride. I’ve never been on a bumpier ride! We were getting splish-splashed all over the place like we were taking a bath. See what I did there? Still searching for humor people! Help me!

My brother, I think, took inspiration from the book A Little Murder too far! I think he could have controlled that boat better. I was at the front of the boat all by myself so I don’t want to say he was planning something…but I think he was planning something.

Just check out my poor mom who was praying for her life, my father’s, and her children’s lives the whole ride.

A Little Murder Tour

There was a point that I tried turning around to get a shot of her cowering and as I did that, we hit a huge bump, which smacked my butt down so hard on the seat that I thought I broke my butt bone! Luckily, my bum lived to tell this tale.

Alas, there were moments of reprieve from the rockiness.

Like this guy on a sailboat:

A Little Murder Tour

Since this is a book tour, it is time to get to see some sites in the book. Don’t you worry because we are headed to a pivotal point in the book.

Without further ado, I give you…

A Little Murder Tour

Angie, her husband, and the rest of the crew were on a fishing boat when around the time they were near Rattlesnake Island, they discovered the boat captain was murdered.

Here’s a closer look at Rattlesnake:

A Little Murder Tour

Kind of looks like an alligator, right? I think once upon a time there were actual rattlesnakes on this island, but they haven’t been seen in many, many years.

It’s possible to hike on Rattlesnake Island but you have to become a Lakes Region Conservation Trust member. More info about that as well as other sites to see in and around Lake Winnipesaukee here.

Where were we? Cool houses on Rattlesnake? Yup!

A Little Murder Tour

After shooting Rattlesnake from many different angles, including the southeast edge (which was noted in the book when the 911 call is made), but do I know which of my at least 25 pictures of Rattlesnake are from the south east edge? Um no. Anyways, after that, we head to our destination of Alton Bay, where much of the book takes place.

Angie and Val eat and drink at Shibley’s so it’s only fair that we eat and drink too!

A Little Murder Tour

Shibley’s at the Pier

And some cute houses across the way

A Little Murder Tour

A Little Murder Tour

We go in and head for the deck.

A Little Murder Tour

A Little Murder Tour

Time for some grub!

Going to a restaurant is quite a spectacular feat with my family. My father and brother both have celiac so have to be gluten-free (my brother cheats), my mom has type 2 diabetes so she has to limit her sugar, but does she? And then there’s me…the vegetarian. The wait staff loves us!

A Little Murder Tour
I still dream about these nachos…

Some guacamole would’ve been nice though…just sayin’.

I think my family enjoyed their meals, but I couldn’t really say because did you see all that cheese? I was too much in cheese heaven to notice how everyone else was faring.

After devouring our meals, we all agreed that there’s always room for ice cream. We head out in search of some but first, check out one last pic…I went a little trippy with this one.

A Little Murder Tour


My mom and brother

A Little Murder Tour

I don’t think this goes against my brother’s no picture rule cuz who could tell who this is?

Bear with me, we are getting to the ice cream, I hate to do this to you all, but it has to be done.

Time to look at me!

A Little Murder Tour

I’m sorry.

One last pic, that is sure to be pretty this time and then I swear we are getting to some ice cream.

A Little Murder Tour

Wasn’t that worth it? Don’t worry, I promised you we would get some ice cream.

A Little Murder Tour

Scoop your dog poop people! Even If No One Sees You!! That goes for a lot of things in life. Like don’t eat that fifth cookie…Even If No One Sees You!! Don’t drop someone’s toothbrush on the floor and put it back…Even If No One Sees You!! Don’t watch The Bachelor in Paradise…Even If No One Sees You!! Okay, I’ll admit, I do that last one. I have no regrets.

Finally! What you’ve all been waiting for! Right…you’ve been waiting for this?

Here we go!

A Little Murder Tour

We continued with the Shibley’s theme and went to Shibley’s Drive-In.

Check out the goods!

A Little Murder Tour

My mom and bro’s cones.

I didn’t start to eat mine until we crossed the street to go sit at the promenade, a spot where Angie went to a couple times. I wanted to get the pretty lake in my shot.

It was hot.

A Little Murder Tour

It got a little drippy. This is what I do to get the shot. I will get ice cream all over my hands to get the perfect shot. Isn’t it perfect (minus the drips)? I know, it’s an Instagram fail. Still yummy though. This flavor had an appetizing name- dirty water. Coffee ice cream with cookie crumbles and chocolate chips. Pretty tasty for dirty water.

We sat down at a picnic table to enjoy our ice cream and the relaxing vibes of Alton Bay.

A Little Murder Tour

I have no idea what they are pointing at. I wish I did.

My father, who also got ice cream all over his hands, is a resourceful guy. No sink…don’t matta!

A Little Murder Tour

He cleaned his hands in the lake. I asked his permission to post pictures of him, but he probably didn’t realize that I got this money shot. Sorry papa.

After relaxing for a bit, it’s time to get back on the boat and head back home.

After the wild ride on the way in, my mom insisted on wearing a life jacket on the way back.

A Little Murder Tour

Luckily it was much calmer this time or my brother gave up his sinister plan? We’ll never know.

A Little Murder Tour, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
There’s a tree coming out of the gazebo! Cool!

A Little Murder Tour

A Little Murder Tour

What you’ve all been waiting for…

A Little Murder Tour, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
I could never disappoint!

We finally made it home and in a nod to my solo dates, I enjoyed a glass of wine at my favorite spot by the lake.

A Little Murder Tour, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

All in all it was a pretty nice day with the fam. Thank you Cindy Davis for inspiring a lovely tour. In part 2 we’ll be heading back to Alton Bay by car to visit more sites in the book. We’ll also briefly head over to another spot in the lakes region called Wolfeboro.

Will my family and I still be singing Kumbaya in part 2? We shall see!

Check out the 2nd part here!

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  1. Oh my gosh, love this!! First of all, you are adorable in your pics! You have the loveliest smile! And how sweet that your family is with you on this tour 🙂 And LOL that island really does look like an alligator! And OMFG that ice cream…I NEED SOME NOW! Can’t wait for part two! The site looks amazing!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Your compliments are always the best. You’re my first comment on my new site! Hope it shows up! 😬
      Ohhh man I loooove ice cream! 😋 🍨🍨🍨

    1. Thank you so much for reading it!! Glad you liked it!😊
      Her house will be in the next post but I don’t know if we found the right one. I didn’t realize there would be a right one.😒 Now I vaguely remember that you might have mentioned an address in the book? Oops! Well,if you read my next one you can let me know if I got it right. Haha! Thanks again for reading!

  2. I can’t get over that ice cream. I swear it was the highlight of this post only because I can’t stop thinking of how delicious that combination sounded. I want some. YUMMY.

    You are so funny! I just love how entertaining you are in your posts that I keep going because I want to know what happens next. Lake Winni looks amazing! Sounds like a great place to spend the weekend with your family.

    Btw, your dad is genius. I would have never thought of cleaning my hands in the lake. Ha.

    1. You are amazing! I heart
      you so much! After I posted this I was starting to think my lines were a bit too cheesy. 😬 Your compliments are so encouraging!

      That ice cream was pretty good! My favorite though is moosetracks at this spot by our house. I’ll have to snap an insta picture of it. The chocolate chunks are out of this world!

      Haha my father will do whatever he’s gotta do. He’s got no shame. It’s all practicality to him! 😂

      Thank you again for your awesome comments! Thank you for reading! 😍