The Anti-Belle Series by author Skye McDonald

Author Spotlight: Skye McDonald

A Valentine’s Special for Romance Book Lovers

I’ve read the first three books from Skye McDonald’s Anti-Belle series, her deliciously steamy set of contemporary romance novels that feature kick-ass heroines. I’ve collaborated with Skye in the past to help promote books from her Anti-Belle series on Instagram but after reading all three, and because I want to give you all a Valentine’s treat, I feel compelled to do a full profile of this romance series. Perfect for V-Day I think.

The Anti-Belle Series by author Skye McDonald
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While these books are set in Skye’s hometown of Nashville, like yours truly, up until recently Skye was also a Brooklyn resident, 15 years to be exact. Her heart may belong in Nashville but she’s got Bk heart in her as well, so that I got to support. If an author has walked her dog in Prospect Park, then welcome to my page.

First things first, let’s define Anti-Belle as defined by the author herself, Skye McDonald. But wait…before we do that, you have to know that belle is defined by Merriam-Webster, as a woman whose charm & beauty make her a favorite.

An Anti-Belle is someone whose strength & talents make them amazing.

How is that for inspiring?

Book 1: Not Suitable for Work

Not Suitable For Work book cover

Celeste has left New York City for her hometown of Nashville after a work and relationship DISASTER. She’s absolutely determined to get her life back on track and is ready to do that in her internship-to-hire web designing position. Just one catch. Turns out she’ll have to compete for the position against one other person. Who is her rival? Ben freakin’ Addison and darn it if he isn’t gorgeous with a voice that’s like “a perfect cup of coffee, strong and dark, but with a faint drawl like a splash of cream.” Just the way I take my guys.

But never mind all that, Celeste stays laser-focused on what she needs to do. Or just until the undeniable chemistry can no longer be ignored.

I loooooved the hot sexual tension in this! One of those stories where it builds and builds to sweet perfection. Without my own office romance, I have a vivid memory of this book driving me back to dating apps ASAP.

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Book 2: Off the Record

Off the Record by Skye McDonald book cover

Second chance romance, anyone? Yes, please! Nick Field is the best of the best of music producers in Nashville. When he’s contracted to work on the debut album for the newest big shot in pop superstardom, that’s enough on his plate, however, he’s thrown the ultimate double whammy when the job brings him face-to-face with his high school sweetheart, Mel. The electricity between them is off the charts, but as fate would have it, their love cannot last. Can these former flames figure out the impossible?

This book is wild! This story takes so many twists and turns that keep you on your toes and on the edge of ecstasy until you’re jumping off the cliff plunging into an oh so satisfying rush of cool water. One scene in particular made my jaw drop and had me blushing like crazy. I had to search my apartment to make sure no one else witnessed what I just did. When I realized it was safe to continue, I happily continued on the little joy ride that was this story. This book also takes us on a trip to New York City, which I, of course thoroughly enjoyed.

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Book 3: Nemesis

Nemesis by Skye McDonald book cover

After being introduced to Liv in books one and two, we know she is a badass chick who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, sometimes not in the nicest of ways, but she also knows when she’s wrong and needs to apologize. She surrounds herself with a multitude of friends and is fiercely loyal to them. Liv also thinks of herself as That Girl and while she is all these great things, she’s also the one that is easily cast aside by the men in her life.

Will Langer is her brother’s best friend and her nemesis. They either ignore each other or toss jabs at the other. Unexpectedly, just for the summer, he will be living in the home Liv shares with her brother. Liv is not happy about having a brooding, arrogant jerk around her. She thinks Will loathes her too when in actuality he’s been harboring a crush on her for years. What Liv doesn’t know is that her brother made her off-limits to Will years ago.

Now that they will be living together…oh I wonder what could happen?

This book was so fun to read especially when getting appearances from the characters we already know from the other two books. I also loved how parts of this book are in the same timelines as Off the Record and Not Suitable for Work. It had me rereading parts of the other books to remind myself how it all connects.

The way Liv and Will sparred with each other also amused me. Their pseudo-anger lead to some steamy scenes! Turns out, I actually enjoyed their love story even more than the sexy scenes. Liv’s strength, though is the biggest takeaway from this book. As soon as it’s safe to go, I’m heading to the gym to get my beast mode on. #fitnessinspiration

*If you’d like the trigger warnings for this one, ask in the comments and I will share.

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The Anti-Belle Series by Skye McDonald

I love this style of a book series where a side character in one book ends up getting their very own love story in the next. While reading the books and getting introduced to new characters, I often thought- “Ooh! I bet she’s going to get a story or I wonder if he gets one?” Since I already know the character it made me even more excited to read their story.

All the women in Skye McDonald’s Anti-Belle Series are strong, go-getters but not without their flaws. Makes them more human. I also like how in these books we hear the stories from the male leads’ point of view as well. It makes my heart flutter when I read the inner monologue of the guy who’s in love with the girl. I also think the men are more realistic than in other romances I’ve read. They get it wrong sometimes like in real life and they have to work it out.

I’m excited because I’ve heard from Skye herself that many more books from The Anti-Belle Series will be coming. We will be treated to a prequel trilogy and I was told that four of the characters we’ve already met in the first three books will be getting their very own love stories. This is a steamy series that keeps on giving.

The books that are out now are available for digital downloads at only $.99 to $2.99 on Amazon and free if you have kindle unlimited. It’s a steal!

About Skye McDonald

Picture of author Skye McDonald

In addition to writing amazing romance novels, Skye McDonald is a “podcaster, an English teacher, a fitness instructor, and a life coach. Skye’s Anti-Belle series are standalone books featuring sassy GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) learning to love themselves before they claim their happily ever after. (Spoiler: they always do!) In all realms, Skye’s goal is to light you up and inspire you to love life and yourself. If she can accomplish that goal via fiction, nonfiction, podcasts, fitness, or pictures of her adorable dog, then she is honored!”

You can find out more on Skye McDonald and her Anti-Belle series on her website Also, Skye has a very special announcement coming on Valentine’s Day so make sure you’re following her on Instagram@writerskyemcd and Twitter@WriterSkyeMcD. You don’t want to miss it!

Lincoln the Dog

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Thanks for reading!

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The Anti-Belle Series by author Skye McDonald

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  1. No surprise that I absolutely LOVE seeing this profile on the amazing Skye McDonald! I am a huge fan of her series. Cannot wait to see what else she has in store!

  2. Ooo I love when I can pick up a book, fall in love with the characters, and then continue following their lives through a series of books. This sounds like a great romance series to dive into. Adding it to my TBR pile!

    1. YES!! It’s such a fun aspect of these books. I love that. Keeps you invested in their world and I like that the past characters make appearances in the new books. It’s quite a world that Skye has created and of course the love stories, I love reading about people finding love. Makes me happy!
      Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy them too!

  3. Yay for anti-belles! <3 I feel like that's what people should be celebrated for! I don't read romance novels much but I like the synopses for these and that you get to meet/get to know the "side" characters in subsequent books! 😀

    1. Farrah, thank you for reading! I love the meaning behind anti-belle, definitely what I aspire to be. They are fun romance books, pretty steamy, and filled with love. The style of the series is so cool. Love that aspect of it.