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“I’m just searching for the humor in my New York City dating life. This city is tough! And we women outnumber the men here. Did you know that? Also, when you’re thirtysomethingmillion years old, the options start to dry up. Can I find humor while facing rejection or lukewarm and awkward dates? I’m going to try! Might as well…how else will I keep my sanity?”

That’s how I started off with this blog and then it started to evolve a bit. Since I love to read, I started writing book reviews and one of the books I read gave me an idea. Sam Wasson’s book about Audrey Hepburn and the making of Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired me to check out the film sites for that movie. That day was a lot of fun! Check it out here!

After that day I thought how cool it would be to use books that I love, to encourage me to go explore the city I love, in a whole new way. Why not take myself out on fun dates in the city? It sounds like a good idea to me! I’m doing it!

Now, I’m combining my original intent of my blog (the dating aspect) and book reviews, but with a twist! So far I’m loving it and I’ve been learning a thing or two about myself.

Also, all of my life I’ve loved taking pictures. I’m no photographer but I have a lot of fun capturing cool images. I hope you like them too!

I continue to search for the humor when dating and in my life. Humor makes everything better. Follow me as I fumble my way through this concrete jungle!

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