In Five Years New York City (Future)Tour

In Five Years: Literary Date Option #1

Where were we? We just read In Five Years by Rebecca Serle and are ready to go on a literary date, right? If you didn’t read In Five Years, then check out my book review to learn more about it. If you haven’t read it and are not ready for the literary date, no worries, because I’m not ready for it either. We still have this global pandemic thing going on in the world, maybe you’ve heard about it?

In Five Years New York City (Future)Tour

Phase 2

New York City has entered phase 2 in our reopening plan. That means that some restaurants are open for outdoor patio seating. That’s cool! I still plan to wait a couple of weeks and also would like it to cool down a bit before venturing out on an all day/night literary date extravaganza. Ya know what I mean? It is HOT down in this city right now.

Anybody been in the city when it’s mid 80s heading into the 90s? Whoa baby, the heat radiates off the buildings!

Okay, I’ll stop being a whiny good-for-nothing and let you all in on the potential tour spots for In Five Years. Then, you all can help me decide where to go, what to see, what to eat? Sound good? Maybe you could convince me to get off my lazy bum? Do it! Sometimes I just need a little tap on the shoulder or just shove me right off the diving board. I’ll enjoy it once I’m in that nice, cool, refreshing body of water. Liquid heaven! Did I mention NYC is hot?

Let’s get to it! In Five Years mentioned all real spots that actually exist in NYC. Sometimes, I use the book as inspiration for going to a certain place, instead of it being specifically mentioned in the book, but I’ll let you know if that’s the case for any of these spots.

*Spoiler disclosure* As you know, I don’t put what I would call spoilers in my posts, however, some of these locations that I list might give you clues to the storyline. My opinion will always be that it will make you want to read the book even more, but I’m obviously biased. 😉

In Five Years New York City (Future)Tour



This place gets a mention in the book, but the main character, Dannie doesn’t actually go here in the book. She reminisces about going here with her dad. It’s a classic spot in NYC known for their frozen hot chocolate. It was featured in the movie with the same name, Serendipity. Side note, I love that movie and own it.

This restaurant is also known for its long lines. Not sure what it would be like during pandemic times, but really think about if you want to send me to a spot with a very long wait. How much do you like me? Okay, I would do it for you if you really want. 😉

It’s located on the upper east side.

Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner

This spot is in Dannie’s neighborhood in Manhattan, Murray Hill, and she eats her favorite, a whitefish salad on a bagel. I’m vegetarian, but I certainly love an opportunity to eat some yummy bagels with scallion cream cheese. Especially if they have a good whole wheat everything bagel, but I’ll take a regular one too. Yum!

Dannie says, “Their whitefish salad rivals Katz’s downtown, and the wait, even with a line, is never more than four and a half minutes.”

See, Dannie doesn’t like to wait and neither does Lauren! She’s my kind of girl!

Rainbow Room

Too expensive! Next!


Dannie and David ordered Thai food after eating at the Rainbow Room. I’m guessing, but I think they probably ordered from the Union Square location.


Dannie, David, Bella, and Bella’s date meet here for an Italian dinner. I do love Italian! It’s located in Soho. They always order the arugula pizza and the Rubirosa salad.

Bridge Coffee Shop

Located in Brooklyn, in Dumbo, Dannie orders her usual- whitefish salad on a bagel. She said it’s really good, “surprisingly close to Sarge’s.” I’m a Brooklyn-snob so I bet Bridge Coffee Shop’s is better. Yeah, I said it, Dannie. Fight me.

Pret a Manger and Le Pain Quotidien

Dannie and David meet in Bryant Park to eat nicoise salads from Pret and drink Arnold Palmers from Le Pain. Seriously, they need to go to a separate spot to pick up drinks? Is the lemonade/iced tea combo really that good at Le Pain? And WTH is a nicoise salad? Googling now…I’m not a fan of tuna or olives. But surely they must have a different kind of salad that would be equally as yummy?


More salad but this place looks yummy. Lots of healthy options. A bunch of different locations are sprinkled throughout the city. For now, it looks like the ones that are open, are for takeout only. Dannie ordered from here on a lunch break.

Side note, Sweetgreen is one of the restaurants that has fed all my coworkers at the hospital for free throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic. We get food trucks every day from various spots in the city that give out food to healthcare workers for free.

Big Daddy’s Diner

Dannie meets up with a friend here. It’s a retro-style diner with American comfort food. Yum. I approve of that. Currently, take-out only.

West Village Restaurants

This neighborhood in Manhattan is where Dannie’s best friend Bella lives, so it seems like they hang out a lot in her neighborhood.


It’s a little French cafe and “it’s one of Bella’s favorite spots.” Dannie also says that “they have the best eggs and croque monsieur on the planet.”

There’s a picture of a fully feathered bird with its head missing on their website. It’s an artsy shot but I have a feeling this might not be the spot for a vegetarian. They do source locally though, so I support that. They also have a croque forestier on their menu, so maybe I could give them a chance despite the dead bird on the website? I’m an open-minded vegetarian.


The ever-thoughtful David had take out waiting for Dannie when she got home after a long day/night at work. Her favorite from this spot is their cacio e pepe, however, I don’t see that listed on their online menu. I love Italian food but most of their options contain meat. Even their gnocci is made with lamb ragu. I’m getting the feeling that Dannie and I couldn’t be friends…

Snack Taverna

This little Greek spot might treat me better. Dannie and Bella order fava beans drenched in olive oil and garlic, greek salad, lamb souvlaki, spanakopita, and roasted eggplant with tahini. This sounds like a yummy spot! I’m getting hungry!

Chip NYC

Bella has a favorite bakery for cookies on Bleeker Street, but the cookie spot is not named. However, I found Chip on Bleeker and it sounds delicious.

They have the old standard chocolate chip but also cookies & cream, blueberry cheesecake, nutella sea salt, and peanut butter & jelly cookies, just to name a few. Yum. Yum. And More Yum. I should buy a big box for all my coworkers and then accidentally on purpose forget to bring it in. Oops! I’ll have to finish them myself.

Options galore, right!? Many of these spots are still take out and delivery. I hear July 6th will be phase 3 in NYC and that will mean restaurants can open up indoor dining with reduced capacity. Although Cuomo just put NYC on blast for not social distancing and congregating, so that could get delayed. Either way, I still plan to take a little bit of time before venturing out. Also, with reduced capacity, I think restaurants might require tables of two or more. That could throw a wrench in my literary date plans, since usually I go on literary dates on my own. Much to consider!

Moving on…to book locations…where the characters live, work, and areas they venture to.

Ditmas Park in Brooklyn

Book Locations

Murray Hill

Dannie lives in Murray Hill in Manhattan, which is a neighborhood on the east side above 34th Street and below 42nd Street and between Madison Avenue and 1st Avenue. It used to be the neighborhood where young professionals could find a more affordable apartment. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore. Now everything in this city is priced at expensive or a little less expensive.

Dannie’s bagel place Sarge’s is here but otherwise not too much action happens for Dannie in Murray Hill.

Gramercy Park

This is where Dannie dreams of living. Gramercy Park has a private gated park and you have to live in one of the buildings that surrounds the park in order to get a key. If you stayed at the Gramercy Park Hotel, you could also get access to the park. Who wants to pay the $400 per night fee to get me in? 😉

To learn about the history of Gramercy Park and the various ways to get access to it, check out this interesting article on Curbed.

The author ultimately describes the park as a time capsule instead of a park. I would agree with that.

My other option of getting in is to hit the dating apps hard to find a guy who lives in Gramercy Park. See how far I’d go for you all?

Law Firm

Rebecca Serle gives us the exact address of where Dannie works. I love when authors put in a specific address. Dannie works at a law office at 51 West 52nd Avenue. Her law firm, Watchtell, is located in the CBS Building. Another factual location.

Brooklyn- Dumbo

Dumbo is an integral part of Dannie’s storyline. When she sees her life in a “dream” or whatever it was, in 5 years, she wakes up in an apartment in Dumbo. Rebecca Serle does it again and gives an exact address- 37 Bridge. We also follow Dannie as she walks down Plymouth street until she gets to Bridge. I can literally retrace her steps and see what she passes by like the old Galapogos Art Space. And of course I would share it all with you.

Dumbo also claims one of the most instagrammable spots in NYC right in front of the Manhattan Bridge. Now I have to get a shot there. I’d have to find some nice, passerby who will take my awkward photo in front of that perfect backdrop. Where’s an instagram boyfriend/husband when you need him?

Bella’s Apartment

Bella’s apartment is in the West Village at the corner of Bleeker and Charles Street. It will definitely be a nice spot. I love the West Village.

Next stop on our Literary Date could be for some shopping.

Sample sale in Soho, mannequins with Teddy Bear heads
Dejected Bear, Confident Bear, Worried Bear, and Happy-Go-Lucky Bear



Dannie shops at Reformation in SoHo because she knows she’s about to get proposed to and wants to find something perfect for the occasion. I could definitely peruse here, but the stuff would be out of my price range. If I go here, I hope I wouldn’t have one of those, “Well, how often do I treat myself?” moments.


You guys, I do not need to go to a lingerie store. Please don’t make me. I’m not getting any action. Oh okay, you think if I shop here, then the universe will bring me an occasion to wear it? Oh geez. Seriously? We’re gonna go that route? I probably can’t afford this place either.

Mark Ingram Bridal Salon

Ohhhh helllllz no! Seriously, if you all try to get me to go to this spot, we will have some words. Don’t tell me you want me to pose as a bride. Don’t even think it.

Moving on…to activities!! YES! Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

In Five Years New York City (Future)Tour

Activities Inspired by In Five Years

Gramercy Park

I could head over there and look inside from outside the gate like a sad New Yorker who just wants a taste on how the other half lives or how the 1% live. It’s an option!

The MET Rooftop

Dannie says of David, “David knows I’m a sucker for a view. On one of our first dates, he took me to an event at the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art…that was two and a half years ago now, and he never forgot how much I loved it.”

We women are a sucker for a nice rooftop. Men know it and use that intel…but that’s another story…

I’ve been up to the MET’s rooftop a couple of times including on one of my past literary dates. You can read my New York, Actually Tour to check out my pics from their rooftop.

Blue Note Jazz Club

This is not a specific location in the book that the characters go to, however, it is located in the West Village (near many of the restaurants they dine at) and Frank Sinatra songs were heavily featured in the start of the book. So this could be a spot that is inspired by the book.

But of course, due to the pandemic, who knows when it would be opened again?

Central Park

Dannie runs the loop in Central Park and around the reservoir. No, I would not use the book as inspiration to take a jog, but who doesn’t like an opportunity to hang out in the Park? I’ve been a few times on past literary dates, but always would go back. Much to explore there and to enjoy.

West Side Highway

Dannie meets up with a friend at the corner of Perry and Washington Street in the West Village. They walk down Perry St. to the West Side Highway.

The West Side Highway is by the water and it’s a nice, scenic area to walk along. It would also be nostalgic for me. When I first moved to NYC, I worked at a restaurant on Perry St.

My first job in this city about 15 years ago was as a reservationist at a restaurant on Perry Street. It was owned by one of the most famous chef’s in NYC and probably throughout the world. My job was to answer the phone and take reservations. That’s it. My most favorite celebrity interaction did not happen in person, it happened over the phone with Sarah Jessica Parker. I was not allowed to book celebrities a reservation myself, I had to pass them along to the restaurant’s manager. Sometimes more well-known people got annoyed to have to be put on hold, but not Sarah Jessica Parker. She sounded just as gracious and polite to little ol’ me as she does during interviews on TV.

It was an especially sweet moment for me because I loved the fact that I walked past Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment on my way to work every day. As a new New Yorker, I loved passing that famous stoop and then the cherry on top was talking to her on the phone!

And this brings us to the final activity…

The Brooklyn Bridge

Dannie runs across the bridge and again, this book will not inspire me to jog, however, I’ve lived in this city in Brooklyn for 15 years and I’ve NEVER walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I can’t believe it either! I’ve always meant to do it, was once going to do it with a group of friends, but it was a cold day. I bowed out. They froze. I think I made the right decision.

However, it’s not right that I still haven’t walked across that bridge. It’s about time!

That’s All Folks!

These are pretty much all the spots mentioned in the book. For those who have read it, have I missed anything?

So now I open it up to you all to give me suggestions on what you’d like me to do from this list. What YOU want to see. Also, if you have any ideas on how to navigate a tour amidst this pandemic, I’m all ears. I’m thinking I might have to wait until things get more normalish just because I don’t want to get the side-eye if I take up a table just for myself. With reduced capacity, I know restaurants will need larger parties. And this reopening is one big experiment so I may want to see how it pans out before venturing out.

However, so many possibilities with this book, right? I can’t believe how much is in this one book. If I wanted to do it all, I’d need like a two week staycation at least!

Thank you again to Christine from The Uncorked Librarian for recommending this book. I absolutely LOVED it. It would definitely make for a fun literary date in the city.

Get the book:  Bookshop | Local Bookstore/Library 🙂

In my last post you all voted for my next NYC book and the book that got the most votes is The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Originally, I thought about posting the poll again here, but I figure you already voted and I can’t wait to read my next book. Thank you for voting!! I can’t wait to read it and post about it next! There’s fantasy and love, I hear. Let me know if you plan on reading it too!

In other news!!! I already have my next book lined up. I got invited to be a guest on a podcast where we will discuss the romance book With Just One Kiss by Francis Ray. It is set in NYC! I’m so excited. More on that later but the podcast will be sometime in August. Eeek I’m nervous!

Thank you all for reading. I’ll leave you now with more pictures from New York City. Love this city of mine!

In Five Years Tour Possibilities

Covid-19 closed off Park Avenue, turned into a pedestrian walkway
Early in the pandemic when they closed Park Avenue to traffic to allow for wider streets
Cuomo and presidents pictures wearing masks
The Cuomo crush is real- he literally brought in a replica of a mountain to visually show us how far we’ve come in New York. He said, “We don’t want to climb a mountain range. One mountain is enough.”
Covid-19 pandemic street art
Artist, Steve ESPO Powers…this captures the feelings we all shared during this pandemic. I think it’s brilliant. To see more of it find the artist on instagram @steveespopowers

Soho in New York City

In Five Years New York City (Future)Tour

Pride, New York City

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  1. Amazing photos as always! And I think it’s so freaking cool that you’re still going out and exploring the city in a new way during the pandemic. You’re awesome 🙂

    Okay so my thoughts are: grab a yummy bagel, a cookie from that one bakery, and then maybe an Italian sandwich (if they have a vegetarian option!), and then take yourself on a walk through the Brooklyn Bridge 🙂 Maybe that sounds super un-fun, but that’s totally what I would do.

    OMG so excited you’re going to be on a podcast!! Cannot wait to listen!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I’m going to try to figure something out for my tours. I may switch things up a little to make it work. We shall see! Thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate you so much!❤️

      One cookie. I like the way you think. I don’t really need to eat a box of cookies. You are right there. I am actually trying to be healthy these days. I totally forgot that while writing this.😅 Thank you!
      And I love all your ideas. It definitely sounds fun to me. That really does sound like a lovely time!

      I can’t believe I’m going to be on a Podcast. Can you call in and pretend to be me? I think you’ll do a better job at being me than me. You’ll make me cool and badass. That would be awesome. Let’s do it!😉

  2. Holy wow, this is a huge and amazing list of literary dates.

    First, I am so glad that you loved In Five Years, and even though I read it, I did not realize how many NYC places Serle brings to life.

    Ok, where I vote you go (and don’t go):

    Ahaha, I remember passing the Rainbow Room in NYC. Don’t worry – I am good there.

    Butttttttttt, I do have a soft spot for Serendipity because of the movie…but lines do suck. It wasn’t integral to the novel…butttttt….

    You know I want you to go to Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner – veggie style. PLEASE.

    I’m utterly fascinated with Gramercy Park since it pops up in so many novels–always with wealthy characters, and DUMBO intrigues me too. It’s just such a fun acronym.

    Watching you pose as a bride would be entertaining…do it for the gram lol!

    Stay safe and healthy – only travel when you are ready! I cannot wait.

    1. I know, it seriously is a huge list! It might be the longest list ever.
      And I think I did actually forget something. I think Dannie’s apartment in Murray Hill is somewhere on 3rd Avenue. I have to check the book again to see if there’s a more specific location.

      Phew about Rainbow Room! I’m not even sure how to get in. I think you need to be very very special. They might have a cocktail bar, though.🤔 It’s probably $50 per cocktail.

      Awww Serendipity! I think I forgot to google before posting but I don’t even think they are open for take out right now. I will look more into it for you! One day I’ll make it out there and drink a frozen hot chocolate for you! A friend texted me after he read this and said I could do an online reservation and not have to deal with a line soooo it’s possible! When things reopen…

      I have to go to Sarge’s for sure! I see that in my near future. I’m thinking I might have to switch things up a little bit for my tours because of this pandemic so I might surprise you all every once in awhile.😉

      Ooh what other books have you seen Gramercy Park in? I don’t think I’ve seen it much in my typical romcoms that I read. I guess romcom characters aren’t usually wealthy unless we’re talking The Devil Wears Prada. Saw the movie, didn’t read the book. Oh wait no, I think I did read it. I’m digressing again.
      DUMBO I for sure have to go to. Omg I was so lazy with this post that I was like, next post I’ll let everyone know what DUMBO stands for. Haha!

      I will die if I pose as a bride. We will continue this convo on the ‘gram! Omg! Ya killing me!😅

      Thank you so much Christine for reading and supporting. And for encouraging me to stay safe and healthy. You too! 1000%. Be careful down there. Stay away from people for now. 🙁 Hopefully soon we will all be out of this mess!!

  3. Oh, man. I hear ya about NYC being HOT. I used to work in midtown, so I remember the sweltering heat of skyscrapered sidewalks well, which is why I rarely venture into the belly of the beast anymore. However, I did so last summer, on the freakin hottest day in July, to go to bathing suit shopping at Bravissimo, which is the only store that sells gorgeous bathing suits that actually fit a buxom lady such as myself. I endured a subway ride, switching stations, a second subway ride, and then a short walk through SoHo. It was mid-90s and humid as hell. By the time I finally arrived at the store, I was DISGUSTING and felt more than mildly embarrassed to tell the nice, air-conditioned, overly polite British salespeople that I, this puddle of sweat in human form, was there to try on their clean, brand new clothing. I made it through the experience, bought more than enough from them to make up for my slovenly appearance, and vowed never to return to midtown in high summer again. So, girl, I do not blame you one bit for wanting to wait to try these IN FIVE YEARS spots until the heat wave has passed. 

    I’ve been SO excited to read this post of yours since I just finished reading IN FIVE YEARS. As I’m reading this post, I’m keeping a running Word doc of comments so I don’t forget anything I want to say about your lovely post. 🙂 Here goes: 

    As I was reading and they mentioned the Rainbow Room, I thought of you and your literary dates. And I was like, I wonder if she’ll do this one…?!?! hahahaha, NOPE! Don’t blame ya. I also don’t trust fancy schmancy NYC restaurants anymore. I’ve been to too many where I’ve questioned what I might actually like on their limited menus, bravely made my choice, gotten a portion of a dinner that might have filled my cat up, and then left extremely hungry and disappointed. (I would say, “and broke,” but luckily most of those meals were put on the company credit card, hahaha.) I never thought about ordering Pad Thai post-fancy “dinner”, but, GOD, that’s brilliant. 

    Avoid the Nicoise Salad. Only have it in France, if you must. Because the French can do good things with gross food combos. And, even then…. 

    OMGILOVESWEETGREEN. There’s one near my office, and on the rare occasion I venture out for lunch with a coworker, this is where I demand we go. Healthy options, surprisingly large but not over-large portions (so you feel full, but not disgusting), and the one by me has outdoor dining, which I highly recommend even without the pandemic because this place is always hella crowded and the one time I ate indoors, I felt like I was suffocating. Sit outside. Live the life. Eat a grain bowl. 

    hahahaha, your description of Buvette. hahahahahaha. I was curious about this place, too. I am curious no more. 

    Ooooh, the NJ governor just delayed re-opening indoor dining “indefinitely” because, as someone on my Facebook remarked, “We failed the group test, kids.” Not sorry about it; I’m so not ready to venture out and about yet in the great outdoors, let alone indoors. I’ll keep getting my take out. I wonder if the same will happen in NYC?? I know this makes it rough on you for your dates, though! Maybe you could just do a special quarantine edition of “take out only,” especially since Dannie gets a LOT of take out. Like, impressively so. 

    I was totally lost about the locations Dannie lives/walks in this book. Murray Hill….?? DUMBO??? Thank god they explained what that meant in the book, because I was like, wtf??? Also, I’m curious to see the place Bella buys for Dannie and that neighborhood. Pictures, please!!! 

    Re: Intimissimi —  do you think “dress for the job you want” could be applied to something like “dress for the sexy encounter you want”? winkwinkwink (Also, “Intimissimi” is a hard word to spell.)

    Jazz. *barfs* 

    WOW. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but… I HAVE WALKED ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. And I hate all things NYC. Admittedly, the only reason I did this was because my friend visiting from the UK wanted to do it, and I’m nothing if not an accommodating hostess, but still. WALK, woman. It’s just wrong that I have more bridge street cred than you. 

    OMG your podcast news!! This might actually make me start listening to podcasts, haha. I can’t wait to hear more about this!!! Congrats!!!

    Awesome rundown of the IN FIVE YEARS places. I say go for Italian where you can, and bagels, and I’d love to see shots of that whole DUMBO thing. 🙂 xoxo

    1. You are AMAZING!! You had me loling all over the place! Your comment alone has me dying to read your book. I’m going to go to the writing section of your blog to see if you’ve written about what your book is about.
      I am sure the British salespeople were more than happy to have you there to buy up those suits. But oh my god, I can imagine that. I can get drenched just walking to the subway and then standing in a crowded, hot subway station is the absolute worst. I’m dying to get into the jam packed train with the AC hopefully blasting.

      I have some new ideas for my tours that are inspired by the pandemic. Meaning that I’ve accepted I might have to change things up a bit but I think it will still be fun. I think I will be tossing up some surprises on my instagram Stories soon.😉

      You’re the best for taking down notes on what you want to tell me. It’s so helpful! It’s kind of fun that I’ve put up all the tour possibilities and now I can get input on what I should do from everyone. Makes me think that maybe I should have been doing this all along?🤔

      I’m glad you’re okay with me not going to the Rainbow Room. Fancy restaurants are something else, right? I mean, it’s fun to do every once in awhile but you’re exactly right that it’s so hard to make that choice. And you know they won’t do any substitutions of any kind and if you dare to ask, forget it. If I’m with someone who asks, I’m sitting there all terrified, waiting for the pretentious response. And I often dine with more bold people who will persevere through the pretentious tension and keep asking much to my mortification. I feel tense just thinking about it.😉

      Good to know about Nicoise Salad. I do need to go to France anyways.

      I have to try Sweetgreen!! Food truck Sweetgreen didn’t come with enough dressing so I’ll have to give it a shot at the restaurant. Grain bowl, done!

      Buvette, seriously. That bird! I can’t unsee that. I naively saw that, oh a bird! Where’s the head? Of course there’s no head!

      Yup, we failed the group test. Ha! Indoor dining has definitely been put on hold in NYC. Fine by me. When I first read that it was supposed to start on July 6th, I was surprised. I definitely didn’t think we were ready. So glad it’s on hold.

      Yes, to take out! And you’re right, it’s such a regular thing in the book that this could be the most perfect tour to go on during a pandemic.

      Dumbo is the spot I’m most looking forward to exploring! Of course, I’ve been there but I’m excited to see if I can find the spot that might be the apartment building and see the other spots she walked by in the book. I love the walking in the footsteps of a character moments. I will definitely share lots of pics!

      Hahaha!! Your comment about Intimissimi! Might be right.🤦🏻‍♀️

      Jazz is scratched off the list! I doubt that would be opened anytime soon anyways.

      You totally have more bridge street cred than me! I’m ashamed and appalled by myself. I have to remedy this. And let me say that I love that you enthusiastically read my posts even while hating NYC. You’re awesome and hilarious!

      Omg I’m so nervous about the podcast. I already asked Sarah to pose as me but I don’t think she’s going to. Will you pretend to be me and go in my place?😉

      Italian and bagels! Yum! Thank you thank you for reading my post and sharing all your awesome thoughts on it. You’re da best!😘

  4. We were starting into phase 2 here but then things blew up and I think everything’s closing again. People need to stop having parties. :[

    Serendipity will always remind me of the movie Serendipity, haha. (I loved that movie too!) I got to go there before but never tried the frozen hot chocolate because I didn’t want to spend the day in line. (It looked slow-moving that day. :[ ) I like the sound of that lack of line at Sarge’s!

    I had a good friend living in Brooklyn for a couple years so I got to explore some of it with her on my couple days off and we did walk across the Brooklyn Bridge one of those occasions! 😛

    1. Ugh. Seriously. We all need to slow down with reopening. Thankfully indoor dining has been put on hold. We also just had a little uptick in cases but really hoping that was just a one time thing. Hoping we continue to trend down.🤞🏼
      I hope things will improve where you are too!

      I loved Serendipity! It followed a specific movie formula, I think, but it was so well done.
      My friend told me after reading this post that reservations can be made online to avoid the line? Well, maybe one day but for now I think it’s completely closed.

      I’m definitely going to Sarge’s!

      You walked across the bridge!? Everyone has done it except me. It is time!

      Thanks for reading my post!😍

      1. Oh goodness I’m terrible with responding, ahaha. My apologies!!

        I’m glad it looks like it’s trending down in the Northeast now! It is sadly kinda on the rise here still, but hopefully(?) plateauing-ish soon. I’m kinda worried about the fall (especially if schools decide to reopen), but I guess we’ll see what happens. :/

        haha, it definitely did, but it was so cute! I had no idea about the reservations but that’s definitely good to know for the future! Maybe I’ll one day get to check it out! :]

        haha, I don’t think I would’ve if my friend hadn’t lived in Brooklyn (she gave me lots of reasons to go visit NY :P!)!

        Thank you for all the blog love! <3! I hope you're enjoying your staycation!

  5. Let’s watch Serendipity! Let’s watch Serendipity! Memories! Walk that Brooklyn Bridge, girl. Now I’m soooo hungry!

    1. Omg! I vaguely remember that. It was a tipsy, fun time wasn’t it? We should have watched Serendipity. It’s an amazing movie! Ha!
      I will walk that bridge! I just don’t want it to be 90 degrees when I do it.
      Thank you for reading my post!!!😍

  6. This is one fantastic NYC tasty itinerary and I wish I could go with you (when it’s open & safe) to try all the foodie spots.

    Even though you can’t visit these places now, you provided readers of the book with a great list.

    1. This would be the perfect tour to do with you! Endless food! It would be so fun. One day we will do a tasty itinerary literary date together.😍

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I may have just eaten dinner, but I feel a little bit peckish, all of a sudden :’) And now, I really want to explore NYC! I’ve never been one to have a strong, overpowering desire to go there, but seriously, this post has struck a chord within me 😉

    1. I know! This book makes me want to go on a NYC food tour. I couldn’t believe all the spots that were mentioned in the book.
      I think you could enjoy NYC. I think you should go to Central Park, Prospect Park, The Highline, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and we could find you lots of cute cafes to hang in and of course lots of literary sites!😍