South Street Seaport

Social Distancing | New York City Book Blogger’s Life

South Street Seaport

Well, my original plan for the direction of my blog in 2020 will have to be put on pause for now. Social distancing is in full effect in New York City, so I’ll have to adapt. I have been reading A Booklover’s Guide to New York City by Cleo Le-Tan and pre-Coronavirus mayhem, I visited a few literary sites in NYC that I read about in the book. My plan was to immerse myself in the literary culture of New York City and share it with all of you. I will continue on that literary journey throughout the city when we come out on the other side of this. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

My current read is a historical fiction book set in New York City- Dear George, Dear Mary by Mary Calvi. I plan to post a book review and when things get normal again, I will do my New York City tour inspired by this book. Cannot. Wait. I planned on this one to most likely be at least a two-day tour. I believe it might bring me to Lower Manhattan, Upper Manhattan, and even Yonkers. Lots of ground to cover!

Dear George, Dear Mary by Mary Calvi

Dear George, Dear Mary is about George Washington’s supposed first love, Mary Philipse. This book is compiled from letters, witness accounts, and journal entries. I’m 36% through this book and so far so good. I put it down when all the stuff with the virus started and I began to read every single news update that posted on Google. Yes, definitely too much. I don’t advise that. I think I’m finally ready to get back to the books, my blog, and your blogs. This will definitely be a time for cozying up and reading.

Books Books Books

So my blog going forward for the foreseeable(everyone’s favorite word now) future will be book lists and book reviews…hopefully can work New York City life in somehow. New York City has always been the heart of my blog, so we shall see!

Some of you may know that I work as a child life specialist in a Manhattan hospital and I have no idea what the coming week(s)will bring. I work on the Radiology unit which includes many elective procedures and I believe those may be canceled soon. So who knows what my job will bring? I know we all are facing this uncertainty. What a time we are living in.

How are you all doing with all of this? I’ve chatted with a few of you about how grateful we are to be a part of this blogging community especially at a time like this when we need to practice social distancing. I hope you all will continue blogging. I want to hear from you. Whatever your niche is I want to hear from you. Travel bloggers especially will be affected by this but I still want to hear from you. Somehow, some way! This post has been written without a care in the world about SEO. Nope, social distancing is not my keyword. I don’t have a keyword and I don’t care. I just want to stay connected.

Bloggers unite!😉

Here are a few pics from when I was out and about visiting literary sites in the city:

South Street Seaport
South Street Seaport has the beautiful 10 Como Corso, an eclectic & chic store, which has an extensive selection of books mostly in fashion.
The Tenement Museum
I took an amazing tour here and shopped around in their gift shop which had so many books on culture and immigration. I picked up an adorably, funny book with a dinosaur on the cover called “All my friends are dead.” Probably not the best timing to purchase that one.🤦🏻‍♀️

New York City

Oh my beautiful city! I can’t wait to explore you again!

I ❤️ NY

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  1. I already kind of distant myself but without having options to do stuff the loneliness is kicking in, especially since my parents are in another country and rest of family and friends are eight hours away. My friend in my state is in a county that has the virus but we saw each other 15 days ago. I feel fine but been staying away from people outside of work and monitoring health just in case cause she did have a cough that weekend but I never picked it up. She didn’t know the person that has it, but this virus is scary. You just don’t know who has it.

    I don’t think I have it.

    And I don’t like the anxiety this is creating. I’m glad my parents got me an indoor bike for my birthday, that helps a lot. And reading. I haven’t had much of a chance to blog this week. Been trying to take my mind off this. And I still have to work unless I develop symptoms or am sick.

    1. Thank you so much for adding your thoughts here. It’s such a challenging time. Nerve wracking. Want to stay positive but at the same time look at the reality of the situation. See what’s happening around the world to prepare. But I’m hopeful we will get a handle on it soonish. It looks like China did in about 3 months, maybe? We still have a lot to learn in the coming months.
      I’m like you, I’ve often been socially distant in my life. My brother and I joked that it’s just another weekend.
      But you’re right, loneliness can still kick in, so that’s why I’m hoping staying connected virtually will help. I also want to exercise at home too. Make use of my yoga mat finally. And I want to organize!
      I’m sorry your parents are in another country. That, too is what has caused a lot of my anxiety. I wonder when I’ll see my parents again and I’m so worried about them because they are almost 80 and not in great health. My mom and I were supposed to go to Mexico at the end of the month but had to cancel. I really hope we’ll be able to stick to our usual summer plans, but that’s uncertain right now.
      Hopefully your friend did not have the virus. If it was just a cough and nothing else, maybe it was something else? I don’t know. I’m glad you are feeling well. I hope you continue to be happy and healthy.
      I think if we all try to find some normalization in this uncertain time, hopefully it will help. So I hope you blog and I can’t wait to read it!

      Thank you again for visiting and connecting.❤️

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful blog post. I look forward to your book lists and book reviews. Social distancing can be challenging, but this is the time for us to use social media and blog comments to help us stay connected. And it’s also a time to catch up on all of the books on our TBR lists. I’m going to be optimistic, be smart about sticking with the recommendations to slow the spread of the disease, and have faith.

    1. Rosey! Thank you for visiting and providing your thoughts. Connecting in any way we can in this virtual world, I think, will be important.
      I am definitely looking forward to getting through my TBR! I have so much to read! And I won’t lie, I will probably be watching movies and tv shows I’ve missed out on.
      I completely agree with you about sticking to the recommendations. We have to do our part to contain this thing.
      Thank you again for your comment!

      1. My pleasure! And yes catching up on movies and TV shows too!
        And thanks for all you do to make the world a better place – through your blog and for the patients you help.

      2. My pleasure! Yes to catching up on movies and TV shows too! And thanks for all you do to make the world a better place – through your blog and for the patients you help.

  3. I’m so glad we’ll still be hearing from you and you’ll be sharing book lists to keep us cozy at home. Sorry you have to postpone your tour, but I’m glad you’re staying safe. I’ve been reading too much news lately too, and I’m ready for more books. And like you said, happy to have our blogger community. ❤️

    1. Thank you! This stuff is nerve-wracking. I’m still fighting the urge to read the news. Tonight I’m rewatching Schitt’s Creek again. Love that show! It’s helping. I’d love to know what you’re reading too. And I’ll definitely catch up on your blog by this weekend!
      Thanks so much for reading and giving your thoughts. We definitely need to stay connected. I have to get back to the ‘gram too.
      Glad you’re healthy and safe too!❤️

  4. Glad that people are taking social distancing seriously, but sad too for all the upheaval this could cause with jobs, family life, social structure, all that. So sorry that you’re going through this too. I hope your book stack keeps you occupied and I can’t wait for how amazing your tour will be when you come back 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be working on some cool new writing projects and hoping I can share about them soon 🙂

    1. It’s so scary. The economy is going to be terrible after this. I can’t wait until we’re all back to normal. The whole world.
      Thanks so much for your comment. I cannot wait to do my next book tour. I’m excited to read your next books and learn more about your upcoming projects.😊

  5. Wishing you the very best with your work situation & the changes that are sure to unfold as time goes on. Though I cannot wait for things to return to normalcy, I know that this is happening for a reason, and I’m leaning into this as an opportunity to continue pushing myself to learn & have fun with my hobbies. Looking forward to reading your book reviews & lists!

  6. There’s definitely a whole lotta adapting of plans right now!! I’m definitely looking forward to your book lists + reviews though because I’m trying to do more reading this year. (I still have work, but since all my extra-curriculars and gyms have effectively been cancelled/closed, my evenings are way more free than they used to be, haha.) Yay for staying connected with virtual friends! :]