Part of my Brooklyn tour. Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Promenade

Practically Neighbors Brooklyn Tour

Part of my Brooklyn tour. Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Promenade

Did you guys read Sarah Smith’s Practically Neighbors series? This Brooklyn tour will have *SPOILERS!!!* So get to it. Read about Ava and hunky Harker and all their sexy time fun! And in case you didn’t read my review and see the sneak peek into my Brooklyn tour, check it out here.

As you may know, I read books (mostly) set in New York City and then use the book as inspiration for a tour of the city. Sarah Smith has been with me from Day One.

When she reached out about writing a short story set in a Brooklyn neighborhood of my choice just so that I could do a book tour, I thought, “How cool!?” She wrote something for me! I still can’t believe it. Thank you Sarah for being an awesome writer but more importantly, such an awesome person.

Let’s go!

As I stated, I like what I read to inspire my tour. Sometimes I even try to think of a theme for my tour based on the story. I wracked my brain and thought, “Yes! Got it! I need to meet a guy today and go home with him to have ALL the sex!” Well…that’s kinda what Ava did. She met handsome Harker for the first time in his apartment and had a rocking night! That’s what the theme of my tour should be!


Sexy Time!


Cute cat at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe

WTF is this!? Really?

Me: Meet hot guy and have ALL the sex! That is the plan dammit! The cat is pretty cute though, but let’s get back on track. Time to meet my own heart-stopping Harker in 3…2…1…








Me and cute cat at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe


Yes, I’m channeling Michael Scott in The Office so that I can cope with this unfortunate circumstance.

*Spoiler alert!* I do not meet a hot guy. And seriously Ava, you really have to be careful whose apartment you go to. I know it worked out for you but you could have ended up floating downstream in the Hudson River and not on a kayak.

Anyway, back to my Brooklyn tour and soon I’ll tell you all about those adorable cats. While I did not meet a hot guy to have ALL the sex with, I still had a pretty cool day.

Boerum Hill

I lived in this neighborhood for 8 years. My apartment was right in the middle of two great neighborhoods in Brooklyn- Boreum Hill and Cobble Hill. Ava lives in Boerum Hill while hottie Harker is in Cobble Hill, hence the title, Practically Neighbors.

I always like to start the day with some coffee and some grub and luckily for me, Ava likes her coffee too. Before hot-stuff Harker, Ava went on a couple of dates with a guy named Damien who she also met through a dating app. Ava meets Damien at Line and Dash coffee, which is a small cafe in Boerum Hill. I didn’t find a place with that name, however, I found something suspiciously close.

Brooklyn tour. Dot & Line Coffee in Boerum Hill
dot & line, 253 Bergen St.

Sarah, did you know about this place?

I went inside, grabbed an iced coffee, a chocolate croissant, and headed to a random brownstone stoop to sit and enjoy.

Boreum Hill, Brooklyn

I’m such a sucker for pop culture that whenever someone visited me, I had to show them Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams’ home. Yes! A celebrity home was about a block away from me! RIP Heath Ledger.❤️

I decided to enjoy my coffee and croissant across from their place. No, I’m not a stalker, I don’t think Michelle lives there anymore. However, I do know where her current house is, which you can check out in my Modern Lovers Tour post.

Okay, maybe I am a stalker.


Brooklyn tour. Health Ledger and Michelle Williams’ Boreum Hill home

I think it’s beautiful and it looks even better in person.

After waiting longer than I care to admit for Michelle Williams to come out, I mean, after enjoying my coffee and pastry, it was time for me to head to my next destination.

On the way, I crossed Smith Street…

Brooklyn tour. Boreum Hill

Smith Street is the hub for lots of bars, restaurants, and shops. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and you like French food, go to Bar Tabac. My favorite bar for yummy cocktails is Clover Club. I love their cucumber cocktail. It’s usually only on their summer menu, but they’ll make it all year round if you ask nicely.

In my neighborhood, I always got intrigued by a particular sight. When I lived here, I used to watch a line of people climb out from a manhole and thought, “What is going on there?” The New York Transit Museum is what. Sadly, I don’t know if going through the manhole is an option anymore. Maybe someone got hurt?

New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn

Next stop on my Brooklyn tour brings us to trains that used to make stops all over the city back in the day. In this museum, you’ll get the full history of the city’s subway system. Per their photography policy, I can’t show pictures from inside.

This museum has something for everyone: history buffs will enjoy learning all they can about the subway systems’ perilous beginnings, or if reading isn’t your thing, there is plenty to look at and go into, and kids will have a blast too. You’re in an actual subway and get to go inside a bunch of different old timey trains. It’s fun to sit in those old seats, read ads from the different time periods, and imagine you’ve gone back in time.

The museum also has a hands on exhibit that kids were all over. I saw kids go inside busses, pretend to steer the wheel, honk the horns, and even fill up with gas. I kind of wanted to get in on the action with the kiddos, but I refrained from looking like that weird loner.

To learn more about this museum, go to Admission for an adult is only $10.00 and $5.00 for kids and seniors.

I left the museum with a much needed souvenir.

Picture of my metro card holder in front of the subway train tracks
My new MetroCard holder!

One of my favorite things to do when I lived in Boerum Hill was to take the 20 minute or so walk to get to the beautiful Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve taken at least a couple of dates here. One was a decent guy who seemed to enjoy the stroll with me. The other guy seemed a little bummed that the very lovely stroll didn’t end up at my apartment. Ava, I am not! Sorry buddy.

But before we head to the Promenade, your girl has got to eat!

On the way

Church in Brooklyn Heights seen during my Brooklyn tour
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

During my Brooklyn tour, I stopped at Heights Cafe for a light bite

I walked by this place, which seemed inviting, so I took a seat outside to people watch. Is that blond Amy Schumer?

Before doing my book tours, I never really ate out on my own besides when I’m on my lunch break from work. That scene I do with ease.

However, during my tours, I’m doing a Saturday brunch or Saturday night dinner on my own, which has taken time for me to get comfortable with. I’ve seen this conversation a lot about how of course  it’s fine to eat out on your own. It definitely is, but I’m a little self-conscious so still working on getting more comfortable with it.

Despite that, I’m glad I’m doing this for my tours. Because once I’m settled at my table, I feel like I’m treating myself and that feels good. In my opinion, everyone should go out and treat themselves. Do you eat out alone? Go to the movies or any other solo activities? If you don’t, what’s holding you back?

Okay, I promised you all some grub!

Avocado toast from the Heights Cafe

Do I get avocado toast all the time? I’m a creature of habit with food. Well, this toast did not disappoint. In fact, I gobbled it up, but like a picky toddler, I left my green leafy vegetables untouched.

If you’re into New American cuisine (who isn’t?) then check it out if you’re in the area. Their dinner menu looks yummy too. Mac & Cheese? Yes, please! I’d also love to try their watermelon martini. Next time!

At this point my plan was to head to the Promenade, but as I was walking, I spied some cuteness in the window.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Adorable cat seen at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe

A cat cafe! Years ago, my friends and I attempted to go to a pop up cat cafe in Manhattan. The line was miles long! It was at least a 3 hour wait and they couldn’t even guarantee that we’d get in. So we bailed but I’ve always wanted to go to one ever since. I had no idea this cat cafe existed! No line at all, therefore, I had to go in.

This cafe had a TON of cats which made for TONS of cuteness! They also had two bunnies and a pet rat. He was cute too! All the cats are up for adoption so if you fall in love, you can give one of these kitties a furever home. I’m surprised I didn’t cave and take one home. I’ll admit, it took a lot of restraint. The kitties galore I’ll have in my Instagram Stories will have to suffice for now.

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe
You’re allowed to bring some beverages in from the wine store next door.🥂😻

To find out more info, check out their website at It’s a volunteer run organization, so entrance fees and donations all go to taking care of the cats and costs associated with running their rescue. Finding this spot actually ties in perfectly with Practically Neighbors because handsome Harker fosters cats and dogs. I meant to go here all along!

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

My friend and I walked along the Promenade one night and there just happened to be fireworks going off. First day of the summer, I think. It is a magical stroll. You could fall in love on this walk or dream up your next best seller. How about a walk with your adorable dog down the path without a care in the world? You could relax on a bench with a book, glance up at the Manhattan skyline, and go, “Hey New York, what do you got for me? I’m ready.”

Or you could be me and stare longingly at all the dogs that pass by. By this point, I gave up on my hot stuff Harker mission.

Because dogs…

Cute dog on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Those booties!
Cute dog along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
This one is hunting for squirrels
Cute Yorkie pup walking along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Such a cutie!

To get to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, since I was coming from Boerum Hill, I walked down Court Street and then took a left on Montague Street towards the water. That leads right to the Promenade. I walked along the length of it and at the end I walked down Columbia Street, down a hill to get right up next to the Brooklyn Bridge and into part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has more water front views.

Pictures from my walk

The Brooklyn Promenade seen during my Brooklyn tour

The Brooklyn Promenade, father and cute son on a scooter

Lovely Homes along the Promenade

Nice homes along the Brooklyn Promenade

Nice homes along the Brooklyn Promenade

Picture of me at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier One
Here I am at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier One

I always go to this area for this yummy little ice cream shop but it was shut down. Sad!

Shut down ice cream place
My little ice cream shop is gone. 😢

Let’s take a moment of silence…


I settled for a strawberry watermelon basil lemonade instead. It was refreshing!


After this spot, next stop for my Brooklyn tour, I wanted to spend some time in hearty Harker’s neighborhood.

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is a very nice area with cute brownstones, plenty of restaurants and shopping. I love the old fashioned movie theater here so as an avid movie-goer, I decided to catch a flick.

Cobble Hill Cinema

Booksmart seemed like the appropriate choice. It’s a funny movie! These two high school best friends have spent their high school years studying hard and playing by the rules. They thought getting into Ivy League schools was proof they were the responsible ones who did high school right. Then, they learn that the other kids who partied hard and had fun, were also getting into great schools. Now they think they’ve missed out, so they have one night before they graduate to make up for lost time. They spend their night trying to get to the biggest party of the year and have a wild ride trying to get there. I felt a little old watching it, but it’s a fun summer movie. Definitely recommend it!

Restaurants in the neighborhood I love

  • Layla Jones for pizza & pasta
  • Mooburger
  • Buddy’s Burrito & Taco Bar
  • Joya- Thai food

For my dinner, I head back to Ava’s neighborhood in Boreum Hill to eat at a place she went on a date with Damien. The date where she definitely realized he wasn’t the guy for her. I’ve had too many kinds of those dates. At least she had yummy food.

Bedouin Tent in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn
Bedouin Tent, 405 Atlantic Ave.

This place is sooo good! It’s cash only and no alcoholic beverages, which is a bit tough for this solo diner. I even tried to make a run for it. While waiting for the restroom, I asked the waiter if I could get my food to go just as he was holding my plate of food. They are fast there!

Look at this deliciousness-

Dinner at Bedouin Tent in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

When I ordered, the waiter had asked if I wanted hummus or baba ghanoush with my falafel. And then he said I could have both. How nice!

It was so yummy that I’ve since been on a falafel kick. Though, I haven’t had any as good as this place. Although, FYI, Nanoosh on the upper west side is pretty tasty too!

So that’s my tour! Ava and Harker, I hope you were taking notes. After you get done having ALL the sex, I highly recommend a lovely stroll down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, followed by a satisfying dinner, and a good movie at Cobble Hill Cinema. Then, you can get back to having ALL the sex, okay?

Maybe you can get a dog together too?

Cute dog in Brooklyn Heights

Something to think about!

The end

Thank you Sarah Smith for such a cool collaboration. I don’t know how I got so lucky that my blog could inspire someone to write a story for me but I think it’s amazing. Sarah inspires me. She and my blog has inspired me to write a chick lit book. Will it come to fruition? I don’t know yet, but I’ve written a scene so far. It’s a start!

Make sure you check out Sarah’s author page,,so you can stay up to date on what she’s doing. Her debut novel, Faker, is out in the Fall!

As you may know, I usually I do an #amreading post, but this time I want to announce my next book right here! Drumroll, please….my next book will be…wait for it…Summer’s Child by Luann Rice. I might even read the next book in her series, Summer of Roses as well. “There’s mystery, a love affair, and…a seaside town.”

Guess what seaside town it’s set in? Brooklyn? Nah…I’m going to Nova Scotia! Woohoo! I’m so excited. Can’t wait to share the books with you and my travel experience.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my Brooklyn tour. Who’s coming to Brooklyn now?

Practically Neighbors Brooklyn Tour

For more from my Practically Neighbors Brooklyn tour, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @literary_dates.

I’d like to thank you all for reading, especially to Sarah for all her support and writing her incredible story, which I hope manifests my very own hunky Harker. 😉


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  1. Your opening had me laughing so hard. You’re hilarious! I have to tell you, I would rather prefer hanging with a dog or cat than some random guy. HAHA

    Love the tour around your neighborhoods. You have amazing taste in food. Please send some of that avocado toast – totally up my alley! And the falafel, omg. So sad about that ice cream place shutting down. Looks like such a charming spot.

    That pic of you! Love it! You look amazinggggggg!

    A manhole cover to get into the metro? I had to read that twice! Only in NY.

    Your next book location sounds exciting! Yay.

    Your tours are always fun. They make me miss NY. I hope to get to tour Brooklyn properly one day. WE just have to meet and you can take me around.

    1. You’re totally right! Random cats and dogs beat a random guy any day of the week!

      I looove avocado toast so much! It’s the best! That falafel spot was good! It was actually one the first places I ate at in my neighborhood. A friend who lived there introduced me to it.

      Thank you for the compliment! I thought it was nice too. Portrait mode on the iPhone works!😂

      Haha! Well, the manhole was just part of that museum tour back when I lived there. I don’t think they do it anymore.

      Yes!! We definitely have to meet! Brooklyn, Cali, Asheville, Fl? Somewhere!😍

      Thank you for reading! Glad it made you laugh!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Lauren!! I freaking LOVED this tour! You did so many cool things and made my silly short story sound way more fun than it actually is haha. You cracked me up with this one, you were so funny! Seriously, Ava and Harker have sex on the mind way too much 😛

    Also, OMFG would you believe I screwed up the name of the coffee shop? The one you visited was the one I researched for the story and meant to name, but my weird, sleep-deprived brain made it Line and Dash. How ridiculous haha.

    Holy cow there’s a cat cafe?! Aahhh how perfect! I would want to live there haha.

    These neighborhoods look so cool, I’m hoping some day I can visit and you can show me around.

    And I cannot fully express just how happy I am that you are doing some writing of your own! How exciting! Cannot wait to read!

    Thank you SOOOO much for doing a tour on my writing! That means everything! You are SO amazing! <3

    1. Your short story was awesome!!! If by silly you mean sexy, then I agree!

      I’m so glad this made you laugh!! I was really hoping you’d really like it! Was nervous!

      That’s so funny about the coffee shop. I thought maybe you changed the name on purpose. I enjoy things like that for my tours. When I don’t have the specific location but think I’ve come pretty close. Makes it more fun!

      You’d love that cat cafe! I can’t wait for you to visit! We’d have a great time.😊

      I’m excited to write too! I hope I keep it up. Trying to think up interesting ideas for the story.

      Thank you so much for writing this! I can’t fully express how cool this was to have someone write something for me because they like my tours so much. Means so much!! Thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. AHAHAHA, I love that you started with cats. So cute. And honestly, that cat all curled up is pretty sexy.

    When can we go to the Clover Club? I need that yummy sounding cocktail. OMG, I totally forgot about Heath Ledger too. Sigh. I love the iconic Brownstones. I feel like whoever owns them sees people hanging around them all of the time.

    The Transit Museum sounds fun…and maybe a tad germy lol!

    We did our first cat cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania. Aren’t they great? I can imagine the lines in NYC. I’m sure most don’t have pets in their tiny, expensive homes or want to pay the price for petsitters in the city. I loved how the cat cafe truly cared about the cats’ wellbeing and safety, first and foremost. You could order drinks, even alcoholic ones, and people around us were getting these huge, gourmet waffles. Plus, I love that they essentially rescue cats that wouldn’t have a home otherwise. Love that you can bring wine to yours. How convenient that it’s next door!

    I am SUCH a sucker for avocado toast. I don’t care if it’s yuppie or if I could make it at home. I LOVE IT.

    Did anyone catch you taking pics of their dog?! lol

    Thanks for making me laugh. Love this tour with all of the great suggestions and cats!

    1. Wasn’t that cat seriously adorable? Omg! Haha a sexy cat! You always crack me up!😂

      Yes, can we please go to Clover Club? I love that place. It’s got a really nice atmosphere in addition to great cocktails.

      Poor Heath. That was so sad. I try to infuse humor in my posts but wanted to make sure that didn’t come off in a jokey way. Hope it didn’t!

      I would love to own a brownstone. That would be amazing!

      Haha! Trust me, I’m the biggest germaphobe you’ll ever meet. Did you know that about me? Anyway, the only potentially majorly germy spot would be in the kiddie area. The old fashioned trains were literally actual trains in the past, so you can go inside and don’t have to touch anything.😂

      The cat cafe was so cute! This spot is new so they don’t have anything yummy to serve yet. Those waffles sound great, but we’re they a little furry?
      NYC seems to have a lot of pet owners so I don’t know about that. That pop up cat cafe was the first time the city had that so whenever there is something new and trendy, it’s hard to get in.

      Avocado toast is amazing! I could eat it every day! Pay $15 too.😂 Jk hopefully not that much. I can’t remember how much this toast cost.

      I don’t know if anyone caught me this time. I’m such a dog stalker! What a weirdo! I have a video coming of my dog stalking.

      Thank you so much for reading! Your support is amazing. I’m so glad it made you laugh! That was the hope!❤️

  4. OMG you are hilarious!! I love that this is so informative and funny! You’re personality is awesome and it shows through your writing. I also had no idea there was a cat cafe, but I will say that my dog was my only other half for a very long time! They don’t judge you, they are easy to please, and they are happy just being by you without expecting anything in return!

    1. This is such a sweet comment! I’m so glad it made you laugh! That’s what I was hoping for.😊
      Dogs are seriously the best. I’ve been seriously thinking that I need to adopt one soon. I miss having them around all the time. Their love and devotion is amazing.

      Thank you so much for reading! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. OMG I love this…all the cats especially! That’s so cool the author wrote this story for you. I feel like you wrote this blog post FOR ME with the cat pics. It’s so exciting you’re starting a book. Have fun in Nova Scotia, can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

    1. Hey!! Thanks for reading my post! Haha! It is for you! You’ll love my Instagram coming up because I’ll be blasting it with LOTS of cute cats!! That cat cafe was adorable!
      Yeahhh I only have a scene written of the book so we shall see!
      I’m excited for Nova Scotia! I’ll be sharing that too.
      Thanks again for checking out my post!

  6. As always, love your post! The pics, the humor and animals galore. What is not to love? I am so excited to go visit this neighborhood now, and to read her book. Thanks so much for sharing your writing and photography gifts with the world:)

    1. Aww thank you so much Dee! I’m so glad you liked it! I appreciate your continued support! You’re amazing!❤️

  7. What a great post. I love New York and can’t wait to return. Shame about your ice cream shop as it looks so cute. Love your photos. My hubby would love to move to New York but I’m not sure I could cope with your winters as I hate snow. Luckily we rarely get it in the part of the UK I live.

    1. Thank you! You guy will have to visit! Last winter we didn’t have much snow but yeah, we usually get at least one or two big ones. Then it’s the annoying cold slushy snow that just spits at your face. I’m not a fan of that kind of snow.
      Thanks for reading my post! Glad you liked it!

  8. Such a fun post! I think these tours you do are amazing. And also for the reader too – as I’m not from the US and I’ve never been it really opens my eyes to some neighbourhoods!

    1. Thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you. I’m glad it can give you some new ideas for your future travel to the US! Thanks for reading!

  9. I love the Michael Scott quote! It is by far his best quote! It made me laugh so hard! Can I just say, although I haven’t read Practically Neighbors, I loved this tour! Brooklyn seems so cool – I mean all of NYC does! Plus – so many cats and dogs, ones wearing stylish boots and another one hunting for squirrels. Besides your ice cream shop shutting down it looks like the perfect literary date day!

    1. The Office was the best show!!! He cracked me up! Thank you for reading my post! I’m glad you liked it! I had a fun time with those kitties and seeing some of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. I love the Bk! Dogstalking in NYC is the BEST!!! So many cute ones! Cute dogs in booties, cute dogs chasing squirrels, cute dogs in raincoats, cute dogs in strollers…it’s endless amounts of cuteness!!🐶