Langley Park Series: Books 2 & 3 by Krista Sandor

Langley Park Series: Books 2 & 3 by Krista Sandor // Book Reviews

Hello again! I’m back to tell you all about books 2 & 3 of the Langley Park Series by Krista Sandor. If you missed my review of book 1, The Road Home, you can check it out here.

Author, Krista Sandor, kindly sent me these books in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

Without further ado…

Langley Park Series: Books 2 & 3 by Krista Sandor

The Sound of Home

Book 2 starts with Em, her best friend Zoe, and the boy next door, Michael, as teenagers on the cusp of adulthood. Em is referred to as the “Child Musical Prodigy” and “Wunderkind” in her hometown of Langley Park, which is a fictional town near Kansas City. For the past 3 years, Em has traveled the world as a violinist where she participates in major competitions and studies with master teachers. In Langley Park, she grew up right next door to Michael and they shared a close bond as children.

As an 18-year-old back home for the summer, Em steals glimpses of Michael and discovers that he is no longer a boy. His ripped muscles and “sculpted shoulders” pique her interest. Zoe convinces otherwise straight-laced Em, to attend a field party at “Sadie’s Hollow.” Typically Em doesn’t party or drink. However, Zoe’s spunky personality helps to lighten Em up a bit. Also, the chance to run into Michael has its appeal too.

Once at the party, Em and Michael share a sweet moment until…

A life-shattering event happens to Em while at the party, which causes her to quit her musical pursuits and drives her far away from Langley Park until 12 years later when she must return. Since that time, Em has lead a promiscuous life with men and alcohol. Filled with anger towards Michael and Zoe because of that night, Em wants nothing to do with them.

Can they all reconcile and can Em get the answers she seeks about that night? Her memory from that night is sketchy at best and it has haunted her ever since. As she digs deeper into that night, it could put her in danger. Michael wants to help her put the pieces back together, but will she let him and if she does, will sparks fly again?

I won’t say, but I will say there are A LOT of steamy fun times if you know what I mean? SEXtacular fun times! Get my drift?

My Thoughts

I’m still in love with Langley Park and the characters who live in this fictional world Krista Sandor has created. I love the combo of romance and suspense. This time the suspense kept me on my toes and wondering what was going to happen. I loved the musical aspect of this book. It’s interesting when a book can seduce you with music when obviously you’re not listening to music while reading it. However, when the characters are pulled into it, it pulls the reader in too. I was touched by Em and Michael’s shared love of music.

The friendships also continue to move me. Makes me think of my good friends in the past and my close friendships today and how important they are.

This is one of my favorite passages from the book:

”Em put a hand on Zoe’s forearm, and Zoe met her gaze. A look filled with whispered secrets, shared plates of chocolate chip cookies, and days spent peddling bicycles side by side passed between them.”

For me and my best friend from my childhood, the lines would be “A look filled with sidesplitting  laughter, shared hair styling tips, and days spent playing Clue and Monopoly and avoiding our brothers.” What would your lines be?

Side Note:

Michael’s father has Alzheimer’s. The complexities of this disease and the treatment for it, in my opinion, are handled very well by author, Krista Sandor. I work in a hospital setting and was once talking to a coworker about my Grandmother who is in a nursing home where I saw some people with dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s. My coworker used to work at a facility with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She talked about how the research shows that if clinicians can find out about a patient’s past work or what fulfilled them in life and somehow incorporate that into their treatment plan, it can be very beneficial for them. Exactly what my friend told me is what played out in this book, so it was interesting for me to read that storyline. Such a heartbreaking disease. I can’t imagine. You’ll read how Michael struggles as he tries to help his father throughout his illness.

To end on a high note, the sparks between Em and Michael will make you want to jump your honey or if you’re single like me…oh…nevermind!

And P.S. The things they do with Em’s Grandmother’s pearls!?! I still don’t know! I think I closed my eyes while reading those parts since I still feel like a kid watching a movie that my mom has to shield my eyes from, but you still know everything that happened and you’ll never be the same ever again. 😜

Langley Park Series: Books 2 & 3 by Krista Sandor

The Beginning of Home

We begin this story the summer that teenagers Lindsey Hanlon and Nick Kincade spend in Langley Park as camp counselors. The very last week sends them into the Ozarks with their campers. After a summer of pretty much ignoring each other, this is the week the two form a close bond and love ignites between them. As young love often will go, it is put to a halt before it can go anywhere. The two split up until…

16 years later…

They reunite in, you guessed it, Langley Park. Lindsey is in stark contrast to her former carefree teenage-self because now she is running away from an abusive relationship. Lindsey lives in fear of her abusive ex partner finding her. However, Lindsey didn’t tell him about Langley Park, so she’s hopeful he will never find her. A lot is riding on Lindsey not being found out, not only for her safety but for something that she is desperate to keep hidden from him.

Nick sees the change in Lindsey and is concerned. Lindsey, on the other hand, is angry at Nick for how things ended between them that summer. Will she forgive and let him in again?

Can they reconcile their past? Will Nick reach into her soul and into all her sacred parts again? Well, you know I don’t want to give anything away…but I will say that the music in this book are the sounds of all the bumping and grinding going on…if you know what I mean. I don’t mean dancing. Well, it’s sort of a dance. A dance that’s done on your back or up against a wall or on a chair with your arms tied to the legs…or..anybody else want to fill in the blanks? Go right ahead!


My Thoughts

I loved the pilot, Nick Kincade! I think he might be my favorite out of all the male leads in this series. Maybe I have a thing for a man in uniform? I’m not sure!

Also, I couldn’t help but be pulled in by Lindsey’s storyline. I, luckily, can’t imagine how hard and terrifying it must be to escape an abuser. From the book: “Battered women often experienced moments where they were entirely positive their abuser was just steps away in a restaurant or walking down the street directly in their path.” How scary to have to live your life with that kind of fear?

Thankfully, Lindsey surrounds herself with people who love and care for her. This book continues my love affair with the town and the people in it.

In addition, the suspense in this book had me on the edge of my seat and made me SO nervous!

The Langley Park Series by Krista Sandor has definitely enchanted me. I love that you get to see the same characters throughout the series and learn what connects them. Each book spotlights a different couple, but the others are in their awesome friend circle. You’ll wish you could be in that friend circle. I know I want to be!

I already added the next book to my kindle, The Measure of Home. The final book will be out in March!

To learn more about the author, Krista Sandor and her Langley Park Series, check out her website at You can also find Krista Sandor on Instagram @KristaSandor

Thank you, Krista Sandor, for sharing your series with me! It was a pretty sweet escape!

Next Up!

Stay tuned ya’ll because soon I will be letting you know what book I’m currently reading and where it will lead me…

Until then, come find me on Instagram @literary_dates and Twitter @LiteraryDates.

Thank you all for reading! Have a great week!


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  1. Ooohhh these sounds great! I’m definitely a sucker for loads of steam, so I will add these books to my reading list!! And these sound like they tug on the heartstrings too–love that!

    I can’t wait to see what you’re reading next!!

    1. Thank you for reading my post!! Yeah, there definitely is loads of steam! That’s for sure!
      You’re right, I love a book that can pull at the heartstrings too!

      I’m gonna announce my next book soon! 😍😍😍

  2. Sextacular fun times… LMAO. You really have a way of describing things with a hint of humor. Love it.

    Great book reviews. I added them to my long list of books I will somehow get to one day.

    1. Haha! I mostly write some ridiculous things to amuse myself but when it actually amuses someone else too, it’s a major bonus! Thank you!!

      Haha! I know! I have such a long list too!!!

  3. Is it wrong that I am SO excited that the string of pearls made an appearance here? Literally the string…of pearls… Maybe you should start a DIY section?! You are totally rocking the bookstagram realm. I am so glad that I know the secrets behind this latest creation.

    Is it me or does 2018/2019 feel like there are more book references and stories incorporating Alzheimer’s Disease? I reviewed a wonderful new British book, A Long Goodbye, with the main theme being Alzheimer’s at a young age. I know this doesn’t seem like a huge part of the storyline for your title, but I have a feeling we might be seeing more of this because sadly the disease is growing.

    Ok, not to end on a bummer note… AHHHH!!! Love your book reviews!!

    1. Hahaha!! Yes!! Those are the pearls I spent HOURS stringing. Okay that’s a slight exaggeration but I did drop a bunch and had to restring so that was annoying. If I was really good at DIY I would totally do that, but I can’t say that I am.
      Thanks for saying I’m rocking the bookstagram realm! I’m trying to improve! One day maybe I’ll use photoshop and make them even better.

      Really? Are there? Aww that book sounds heartbreaking. I read What Alice Forgot, which sounds similar. Such an awful disease and especially terrible when it happens to someone so young. That’s such a bummer that it’s growing. I wonder why? Ugh.

      Okay- positive note- thank you!! I’m so glad you like them!! Thank thank you for reading!!❤️❤️❤️