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I love reading. I can get on a roll & tear through books. I’ll read on the subway, on my couch, my bed, and when I’m lucky enough, I’ll read on an antigravity chair by a lake.

I’ve lived in New York for almost 13 years and reading & blogging has inspired me. I read books set in NYC and then head out to explore the worlds of the characters. I’m experiencing New York with a brand new appreciation.

I read Lindsey Kelk’s “I Heart New York” and wrote a book review with a sneak peek into my tour here.

I’m not gonna lie, I was jealous of the main character. Angela is a Brit who flew to New York in a panicked-induced whim and in less than a week, she had two guys after her. Thirteen years and it’s still crickets for me in the guy department. Maybe it was her British accent that got her the hot male attention so fast? Or maybe it’s that she’s a fictional character? Either way I was annoyed inspired!

Angela met those guys when she was on her own while out & about in the city. I was about to go out & about in the city…so my plan was to meet someone. I planned to look more approachable. Ear buds out of my ears, eyes not glued to my phone, look warm and inviting…like a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Maybe I’d meet my future husband!?

No, I’m a realist. Maybe I’d meet my future guy of the moment to have a witty texting relationship with and then go out with twice before he inevitably ghosts me. Yay! Can’t wait for that!

Tour time!

When Angela arrived in New York, she stayed at a fictional hotel in Union Square called The Union.

W New York- Union Square
Union Square Park
Subway and shopping in Union Square

Union Square, NYC

Union Square is every New Yorker’s meeting point because of its convenience. Tons of subway options are available and a dependable amount of restaurants, shopping options, and entertainment. When dating, I could be meeting a guy from any of the five bouroughs or *shudder* Jersey, or God-forbid, Long Island, but usually they also work in Manhattan so Union Square often becomes the first date spot.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar & Restaurant

Max Brenner Chocolate

Angela has a date at this restaurant. I had mixed feelings about going here. It’s a bit touristy but I do love chocolate. From the book: “The doors to Max Brenner’s opened to reveal a huge Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style chocolate lab.”

Max Brenner’s
The food!

To start, I had peanut butter hot chocolate. Yas! Delicious is an understatement. I could have swam laps in that hot chocolate. When my meal came, the waiter pointed to those small ramekins, and told me, “This is butter, this is chocolate. Dip your biscuit in the chocolate.” Yes sir!

While my omelet looks amazing, truth be told, I had to sprinkle a lot of salt to make it tastier. I think this place is probably where you go just for dessert.

After stepping out of the restaurant, I got to go to an outdoor market.

I wandered to this spot:

Healing crystals

Bought myself some rose quartz hoping it would help me attract some love into my life. Wish me luck!

Next stop!


When I read that Angela goes here, I thought “How unoriginal. Everyone goes to The MoMA.” I take back my negativity! I quickly became immersed in my MoMA experience.

Before heading to the art, I felt the need for coffee so I visited the cafe and with my cup in hand, sat down…next to someone of the male variety.

Here I go…open, approachable. I’m gonna move my purse so it’s not a barrier, put on an “open” expression on my face, smile, no that’s weird. What would I be smiling at? Don’t smile. Look smart. Glasses on, kindle out. Let’s put a conversation starter in full view, that’ll work!

I thought putting out my “well-read” pouch was a solid move.

I have no idea if the guy is cute because did I even look at him? Nope!

He got up and left.

Strike one!

Ah well. It’s for the best. If he can’t appreciate a well-read woman, what good would he be for me?

Forget him. Instead, I head to the outdoor area and get to relax by the MoMA’s giant rose sculpture.

*The MoMA’s photo policy doesn’t allow for pictures to be posted so you all will have to imagine the beauty of that rose. It’s like the skyscraper of roses and the backdrop is a dark, reflective building.

After spending some quiet time outside, I head to view some art. I saw a few Pollock’s, fought the hordes of people to see Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, and of course I got to see the beautiful painting featured in the book.

Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World

In lieu of the painting, here I am unintentionally channeling Christina:

Picture inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World

In the description next to the painting, Wyeth explains that she’s “limited physically but by no means spiritually.”

I’ve always loved this painting too. Is she going back home or yearning for something new?

Adrian Piper

The featured exhibit at The MOMA is Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions. It was a moving and thought-provoking exhibition to say the least.

List the fears of what we might know about you…

Before entering the exhibition, there were private booths to enter with a binder where you’re given instructions. Each page stated at the top, “List the fears of what we might know about you.” Each page was filled with people’s fears about being alone, losing loved ones, feeling ostracized, not amounting to much, insecurities, being judged, never finding love, sexual violence, being black and worrying about their children’s future, and it went on and on. It might seem sad to read each and everyone’s fears but what I felt while reading was more connected. We’re all human and we all have fears.

The theme “Everything will be taken away” was seen throughout the exhibit. It was written all over a big chalkboard, with some of the lines and words partly erased.

I viewed myself in front of a mirror with that phrase written across it and of course, what did I do? I took a selfie.

Everything will be taken away…

My self-involved moment taking a selfie. I wonder if Adrian Piper expected that people would do this? “Everything will be taken away.” As I look at myself, let’s see what I have…glasses. I have a good job that provides me with health insurance, which means I could get a free eye exam and buy those glasses cheaply.

I have an iPhone. I’m on the family plan with my parents and Verizon now charges in monthly installments instead of paying up front for a new phone. I told my father I would pay him for my phone but he didn’t take my offer. Such a good, traditional man. I think he feels that he’s responsible for me until I get myself a husband. Poor guy!

What else? I go to a hair salon to get a cut and color (got to hide the greys!). My clothes were all bought at reasonably priced stores. Although, the newly purchased jacket I have was a bit more than I usually pay. I’m wearing a necklace my mom bought me and I have two rings on. What if all of this was taken away? Would it be miserable or a chance for a rebirth?

I’m not sure what the answer is. What do you think?

After leaving Adrian Piper’s special exhibit, I got some comic relief as I passed through an entry way into another area with this written above: “In order to enter the room, you must hum a tune. Any tune will do.” No one hummed. Wankers!

That’s all from The MoMA. I loved it so much. I want to go back and spend even more time there.

Next stop is Battery Park. Angela’s new friend brought her here when she was showing her around New York.

Battery Park

Battery Park, New York City

Upon arrival, I immediately wonder, what is that over there?

Battery Park: Sea Glass

Let me get a peek through the window.

Battery Park: Sea Glass

O……….M……….G!!!! Are these rides!?

Battery Park: SEAGLASS
Hell yeah I’m gonna go for a ride! I mean heck. There are kids here. 😉

5 bucks gets me in! For New York, that’s quite a bargain!

And look at this!

Look how cool these are! I had no idea this existed. What a pretty sweet surprise. It was mostly kids and families enjoying, but I imagine once night hits, the crowd changes a bit. SeaGlass stays open until 10pm.

Time for my ride!

But first…let me take a selfie.

Battery Park: Seaglass
$5 street sunglasses

Battery Park: SEAGLASS

That was FUN!!! 10 more times! 😉

Check out the rest of my pics from Battery Park:

Statue of Liberty, Battery Park

Staten Island Ferry, Battery Park, NYC
Staten Island Ferry floating on the sidewalk. 👀
Battery Park, Pier A, restaurants, NYC
Can you spot the cute couple?
Battery Park, nyc
Cute couples are everywhere!

Battery Park, NYC

Battery Park is cool because you get the stunning views of the city along with the relaxing feeling that comes with being by the water. It’s a nice escape from the hectic vibe of the city without leaving the city. It’s a win-win!

Before I get to the end of my tour, a girl has to eat.

Dinner Time

Soho Park Restaurant, NYC eats, food
I forgot to take a pic on the way in, but took one on my way out
Soho Park Restaurant
Grilled cheese made with gruyere, parmesan, and some kind of basil magic. I could have eaten 5.
Soho Park Restaurant
Romantic mood lighting for my date with myself.

Two guys were sitting in the table right beside me. My peripheral vision told me that one of the guys might be cute. When his friend got up, the cute one took his friend’s seat, which made him right beside me. I wonder, “Why the seat change? Did he want to sit closer to me?” As I’m thinking about all of this, I start feeling my nerves kick in but I try my best to look approachable. I gotta work on that because he said nothing to me.

Strike 2!

Maybe I was staring at my phone too much? His friend came back and started enthusiastically talking about some work thing. Sounded like a pyramid scheme to me. I started imagining myself on a date with him having to pretend to be interested. Thank my lucky stars!

Time for some music

For my last stop of my tour I head to the lower east side to the Bowery Ballroom. I’m feeling a bit ridiculous for going to a random concert all because a character in a book saw a show there. I already bought the ticket, so I can’t chicken out. I love going to concerts but I’ve never been to one on my own.

The day was so warm but all of a sudden at night the temperature dropped. And my google maps app failed me. I wandered in circles for a bit in the cold to find this damn venue.

And guess what? My phone is dying even though I bought a new portable charger from the Apple Store. Can’t believe this is happening again. This time I feel even more nervous about it. I don’t want to get lost in this neighborhood late at night because I don’t know my way around.

I stick with the plan and head in. Grab a beer at the bar. I’ve got about an hour to kill. I feel so awkward as people start to fill in. I’m the only one here alone it seems. I can’t escape inside my phone because I have to conserve the battery. I seriously consider leaving, but I stay.

Once the music finally started, I began to relax. Out in the audience it really doesn’t matter if you’re alone. I enjoyed both bands and even danced a little. The music and vibe infused in me!

Talking Heads Tribute, The Bowery Ballroom
I saw Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute
Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute

That’s my tour! Amazingly, I had enough juice in my phone to find my way to the subway because it died right before I got there.

Made it home after midnight after walking 20,400 steps! A new record!

Even though I didn’t meet the love of my life on this tour, I still had so much fun. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me. Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading!

Wait…did you really think I’d forget?

Dogs of Battery Park

These were a few of the dogs I stalked throughout the day.

There will always be dogs. Until next time!

Sea Glass

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I Heart New York Tour

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  1. So freaking cool! Another amazing book tour! The MOMA exhibit looked amazing, and the Seaglass! That looked so fun 🙂 Also, you take the cutest selfies! And I’m jealous of those sunglasses 🙂 Glad your phone didn’t completely die too–phew! Can’t wait for your next book tour!

    1. Thank you thank you so much for reading again!! You are amazing and so motivating.
      I was so excited when I spotted Seaglass! And you know, I had a thought that had I not been on this tour and I was just being my regular self, I would have thought, “Aww that looks really cute and fun, but it would be silly for me to ride.” I would have walked right by it but secretly wishing I had gone on. With the tour, I’m like- oh yeah! I’m riding that! Sweeet!
      It was a fun moment. GREAT day!

      I’ll find some $5 sunglasses for you!

      Haha my selfies! 😂😂

      Thanks again!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow, that’s a full day!! I’ve been to all these places and they’re such good ones! Does the book actually mention the SeaGlass Carousel? I’m impressed!
    This is soooooo true of NYC dating “Maybe I’d meet my future guy of the moment to have a witty texting relationship with and then go out with twice before he inevitably ghosts me. Yay! Can’t wait for that!”. When I moved here in 2008, I met a lot of men in real life but once everyone got smart phones, it’s so much harder now!! Best of luck on the quest!!

    1. Thanks again for reading! Wow, yes it was a long day! I loved this day but was pretty exhausted at the end of it. It was a great time though! I had no idea the SeaGlass Carousel was there and learned it’s been there since 2015? I was so thrilled when I saw it. No, it wasn’t in the book, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it.

      Yup, that quote sadly has been my dating life. I think you’re right that smart phones have made it harder. It’s tough but I keep trying! Sunday, I might have a date. I love the uncertainty of it! 😉 Thank you, I need all the luck I can get!

  3. I love that well-read woman bag!!! Of course, haha. And, yes, nevermind that guy if he didn’t immediately scoop you up after seeing that on your table. 🙂

    I loved the photos from the MOMA. The rose statue is gorgeous. I work in NYC but I’ve never actually been to the MOMA, though I have meant to go in the past. I’m not a HUGE fan of modern art, but I really like a lot of the art you posted here. Christina’s World is one of my favorite paintings. Did you read A PIECE OF THE WORLD by Christina Baker Kline? It’s a whole novel based on the painting. It was a it depressing, but I liked reading it because I like the painting.

    1. Hiii!!! Thanks for reading my post! I love that bag too. A good friend got it for me.
      And right!? Haha! He obviously wasn’t the guy for me. 😉

      I really enjoyed my trip to the MOMA. It was nice taking my time and really exploring it. I loved that special exhibit they had. I wish it was cheaper though. I know they have a deal on Fridays but then a ton of people go, which doesn’t sound so appealing to me.

      I didn’t know about that book! Thank you for telling me about it. The painting has always been beautiful and haunting to me, so I bet I would like that book.
      I’m so glad you commented and told me about that book! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!