Book Review and Manhattan Tour: I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk


After the serious tone of the last book I read, Reconstructing Amelia, I decided I needed to go back to the land of chick lit. I do heart New York and heart it even more since going on tours of the city based on the books I’ve read. Lindsey Kelk’s, I Heart New York, sounded like the perfect choice for me.

Angela, who lives in London, is at her best friend’s wedding when she stumbles upon her own fiancé cheating on her. To make matters worse, Angela finds out her best friend knew about it and didn’t tell her. Angela is justifiably furious with her fiancé and her best friend. She makes an unglamorous exit from the wedding, although, who could blame her? The next day, Angela high tails it out of London and sets her sights on New York City.

She has no plan. Even doesn’t know where she’ll stay until a cabbie brings her to a random hotel in the city.

We follow along the way as Angela navigates a foreign city, makes friends, meets guys, and tries to sort out her life.

I was invested in Angela’s story and entertained by it. I definitely wanted to get to the end to see how it all plays out.

However, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t frustrated by how easily things seemed to work out for Angela. Angela is a freelance writer who was not currently working when she went to NYC. She was able to book a ticket and stay at a very expensive NYC hotel. She had some savings, but still. Besides the flight and hotel, she went on major shopping sprees and spent a fortune on designer items. It made me nervous for her as I read it. My stomach hurt! No joke! I was thinking, “Angela, you have no job and you’re living in an expensive hotel, slow your roll! Geez!”

Even more frustrating for a single lady like myself is that in less than a week, she had two hot guys after her. How did she do it? Is it her British accent? Probably!

I had to continually remind myself to suspend my disbelief so that I could enjoy the book. Ultimately, I did enjoy it and was glad I read it.

The best part is that it inspired a cool tour of NYC! If this is the first time you’re reading, I go on tours of NYC based on books set in the city. I have a good excuse to take myself out and explore the city in a whole new way. After living in the city for almost 13 years, I feel like these tours have given me a new appreciation for this city. It’s stunningly beautiful and a surprise is waiting around every corner!

Here’s a sneak peak into my tour:

Union Square, NY
Union Square

Dog creeping continues…

City Streets
Love Elvis and Mickey Mouse

New York City
It’s a long way up!

New York City
Cool underpass I walked by

The Museum of Modern Art

Seen at the MOMA

New York City
City streets…I should start riding a bike…no I shouldn’t.

Sea Glass
Kicking back in my kicks!

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading.

The full tour will be coming to your screen of choice soon! Signing off…

Full tour is here!


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  1. So cool that you went to MOMA! Hoping to make it there some day 🙂 And LOL I HATE when in books (movies and TV shows too) when the character’s lifestyle doesn’t match the income level of their job. Takes me out of the story immediately. Sounds like an entertaining book though! Love the photos you took!

    1. Thanks again for stopping by and reading! The MOMA was great! I have a lot more to say about it.
      Oh my gosh. I’m usually really good at suspending by disbelief, but I guess this book really struck a nerve or 2 with me. I.e. my struggle with dating and my struggle with money living in this expensive city.
      I was entertained. I liked one of her love interests. Wouldn’t mind finding a guy like him! 😉

      1. Honestly, it takes a lot for me to be taken out of a story. I’m a romance writer after all, so my stories are crawling with hot guys who are romantic, mature, loyal, and attentive–totally unrealistic LOL. But come on, being a freelance writer in NYC would totally annoy me. Unless you’re independently wealthy, that would never work 😛

        1. Ahhh this reminds me that I need to read another one of your stories. Hot, romantic, mature, loyal, attentive guys!? Sounds like heaven! Your stories make it seem possible though. Like those kind of guys really are out there. Must. Find. One. Now. 😉

          1. LOL! The world is full of enough d-bags. I wish all the dudes I write would come to life 😛 And OMG thank you for saying that! I’m so fortunate you like to read them, you are beyond wonderful <3