My humble attempt at a book review


Dark. Twisted. Sick. Awful. Gripping. I wanted to put it down many times, but it was Too Late, I was hooked. This book makes you feel trapped much how the heroine of the story, Sloan, must have felt with her boyfriend, Asa.

I won’t write too much because I hate it when reviews give away too much. I love romance and comedy, so hence why chick lit is the perfect genre for me. This was chick lit on heroine, actually, chick lit going through a heroine withdrawal. It hurts, it destroys you, you need to read just one more chapter and you convince yourself that you can stop this time.

Not much comedy in this book, but despite all the hardship throughout the story, there is a cute, sweet romance. Thank God! It was hard to enjoy the romance with all the tension and suspense, but it was a well-written book that definitely kept me engaged. I could suspend my disbelief for most of the book minus one of the plot twists.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed reading this book despite the heart palpitations and nausea it caused me. I highly recommend it along with Colleen Hoover’s many other books that I love- It Ends With Us, Hopeless, Maybe Someday, Nov 9th, just to name a few.

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