the Fosbury Flop

Do you know what the Fosbury flop is? I didn’t either until I googled after a random Bumble guy compared matching with me to it. No really, he wrote: “Lol it’s slim pickings out there and you just fosbury flopped over a very low bar.” Seriously!? I don’t think I’ve ever been so insulted. Well, I probably have, but luckily I have a bad memory.

Was he trying to be funny? Was I supposed to swipe back at him with something equally insulting, but “funny?” No, I think he’s just probably a jerk so moving on is what I will do! Back to swiping! Fun, fun and not demeaning at all. Dating is so fun.

Dating is all about stats as I was told by a guy I went out on one date with. So I just have to keep at it. Ugh.

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